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Not able to be doubted, questioned, or criticized; entirely trustworthy.
  1. 'The guys who made these selections are above reproach, they're unimpeachable, these fellows.'
  2. 'His track record is unimpeachable and there can be no doubt that he knows the game inside out.'
  3. 'I believe that any nominee for a judicial post - let's talk about the Supreme Court - ought to have unimpeachable integrity.'
  4. 'They are unquestionable, unassailable, unimpeachable.'
  5. 'Here is a man who had an unimpeachable reputation.'
  6. 'Its status as an unimpeachable classic - one that is even appreciated by bona fide, elbow patch-sporting intellectuals - looms large over the rest of the genre.'
  7. 'Here is an unassuming straight-to-video-worthy horror flick which goes about its job with unimpeachable competence, never troubling to conceal how abjectly derivative and cliched it is.'
  8. 'In unimpeachable academic language, those who wish to squander their talents have been presented with yet another excuse to add to the great armoury of excuses that have already gained currency.'
  9. 'Presumably, as the man in charge of policing local councillors' behaviour, he is a man of unimpeachable moral standards himself?'
  10. 'The economic evidence for moving the peak of the long Clinton expansion backwards by two or three months is dubious at best, even if the political rationale is unimpeachable.'


1. above suspicion; impossible to discredit; impeccable: unimpeachable motives.

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"sources can be unimpeachable."

"securities can be unimpeachable."

"logics can be unimpeachable."

"bearishnesses can be unimpeachable."

"authorities can be unimpeachable."

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