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Not level or smooth.
  1. 'He says many residents are fed up with the potholes and uneven surface.'
  2. 'He also said the surface was very uneven and explained that this could damage his £800 racing bike.'
  3. 'The teams were given just an hour-and-a-half to design and build a vehicle to carry astronauts and their equipment over the rough and uneven surface of the moon.'
  4. 'If the surface seemed a bit bumpy or uneven, they used a small wet sponge to carefully smooth the clay's surface.'
  5. 'However, those of us who walk on it every day have to be careful not to slip in the mud and twist our ankles on the uneven surfaces.'
  6. 'The report did say that uneven road surfaces and potholes were quite dangerous and showed an inconsistency with the town centre.'
  7. 'Avoid walking on uneven terrain, which could compromise your balance.'
  8. 'This blade can be used to level the machine in uneven terrain and to increase digging depth or dumping height.'
  9. 'If a piece of the tooth has chipped off but the pulp is not damaged, the uneven edge may be smoothed and the corner replaced with a tooth-coloured filling.'
  10. 'Rough or uneven surfaces have the effect of softening bright light.'
Not regular, consistent, or equal.
  1. 'Poor posture causes uneven weight distribution and may strain your ligaments and muscles.'
  2. 'These statistics mask an uneven distribution of debt that mirrors the social divisions in society.'
  3. 'But there is still a lack of resources and an uneven distribution of resources.'
  4. 'It is, accordingly, inconsistent and uneven in quality of analysis and advice.'
  5. 'The present uneven distribution of working hours is seriously affecting the personal well-being of many Australians.'
  6. 'Many soils have an uneven distribution of resources owing to fertilizer applications and the periodic saturation of topsoil with rainwater.'
  7. 'The uneven pattern is not consistent with a simple haplotype block structure.'
  8. 'The world's distribution of animal and plant species is uneven.'
  9. 'Exacerbating the problem was the uneven distribution of water in China, particularly in the drought-prone north.'
  10. 'The public are not worried about uneven distribution of wealth but unfair distribution of wealth.'
  11. 'Fran struggled briefly but soon gave up the uneven match'
  12. 'But if it was merely an issue of community pride in an uneven contest why was no pressure exerted on the incumbent to step down?'
  13. 'It would be an uneven match in terms of learning and informed understanding.'
  14. 'A lot of them acquitted themselves very well, but it was just such an uneven contest.'
  15. 'This was an uneven contest with the Dunlavin girls showing superior skill and teamwork.'
  16. 'If selectors pick a player just to fill a quota, not only will the field remain uneven, the team will suffer a lack of balance too.'
  17. 'Sold out weeks in advance, this was a double headliner, but it was an uneven match.'


1. not level or flat; rough; rugged: The wheels bumped and jolted over the uneven surface.

2. irregular; varying; not uniform: The book is uneven in quality.

3. not equitable or fair; one-sided: an uneven contest.

4. not equally balanced; not symmetrical or parallel.

5. (of a number) odd; not divisible into two equal integers: The numerals 3, 5, and 7 are uneven.

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"dates can be uneven on lights."

"patterns can be uneven with places."

"interests can be uneven on averages."

"developments can be uneven in conditions."

"dates can be uneven in/at/on weeks."

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Old English unefen ‘not corresponding exactly’ (see un-, even).