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Not warranted, merited, or earned.
  1. 'As it happened, I actually had met Scott once or twice, and I can't say the honor was undeserved.'
  2. 'Jack dies and Will is left to feel that again the money is entirely useless, undeserved and with no real purpose.'
  3. 'It seems, though, the benefit of the doubt I afforded them was entirely undeserved.'
  4. 'You could argue that such a destiny is unfair, unjust, undeserved, and maybe that's so, but such an argument is irrelevant.'
  5. 'It is undeserved because they are doing a very good job.'
  6. 'She has insisted that her diva reputation is undeserved.'
  7. 'Having moved into the media, he gained an undeserved reputation for being laid back, when all he was actually displaying was a sense of perspective.'
  8. 'This is not to say their current rankings are undeserved or their upset wins were not legitimate.'
  9. 'He has an unenviable reputation for getting injured, which he claims is undeserved.'
  10. 'She does point out, however, that the perception that the team failed, and the criticism that followed, was undeserved.'


1. justly or rightly earned; merited: a deserved increase in salary.

More examples(as adjective)

"reputations can be undeserved."

"defeats can be undeserved."

"wins can be undeserved."

"priviledgeses can be undeserved."

"waivers can be undeserved."

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