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The world of criminals or of organized crime.
  1. as modifier 'a prominent underworld figure'
  2. 'Kidnapping, now seen as a dying business in the criminal underworld, had its heyday in the 1980s when some of the country's richest businessmen were the subject of ransom demands.'
  3. 'Once, however, she realized that she could choose for herself whether or not to continue her life in the criminal underworld, she chose to get out.'
  4. 'In the city, corruption runs rampant, from the government offices to the gangland hangouts of underworld figures.'
  5. 'A number of journalists were attacked in 2003 as a result of their investigation into the criminal underworld.'
  6. 'His sentiments about modern life and the criminal underworld reveal a pragmatic, yet easy going man, gradually helping to make his own vulnerability a point of concern.'
  7. 'Last year, the unit seized more than 200 illegal guns and more than 3,500 rounds of assorted ammunition, which are in demand in the criminal underworld.'
  8. 'He deals with all sorts of crime in the underworld of this city, from petty theft to murder, and everything in between.'
  9. 'Mr Williams praised the Gardaí but vowed not to be intimidated by those in the criminal underworld who he has been exposing for more than a decade.'
  10. 'The violent, bloodthirsty gang who are holding him are notorious throughout the criminal underworld.'
  11. 'The criminal underworld was considering hiring foreign hit-men for a possible assassination attempt.'
The mythical abode of the dead, imagined as being under the earth.
  1. 'In the famous sixth book of the Aeneid, Aeneas travels to the underworld in search of his father, Anchises.'
  2. 'Persephone was forced to live a dual life in both the underworld and earth after eating the pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades.'
  3. 'And I will be more powerful than any other on the face of the earth or in the underworld.'
  4. 'The last of the Titans, Typhon was the son of the earth and the underworld.'
  5. 'Both were mighty queens in the underworld where they cast light upon the dead in their darkness.'
  6. 'When Aeneas travels to the underworld, as most heroes do, he is accompanied by Sibyl, his guide sent by Apollo.'
  7. 'During the last six millennia, the hero's journey to the underworld of the dead has been a main part of epic storylines.'
  8. 'The concept of the dead travelling through the underworld in a boat is regularly depicted in the Valley of the Kings and the tombs of the Pharaohs.'
  9. 'Pluto, or Hades, rules the underworld but even he was taken by the power of love and lust, for Proserpina.'
  10. 'To gain entrance to this forbidden domain she threatened to break down the gates of the underworld, free the dead and devour the living.'

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1. the criminal element of human society.

2. the imagined abode of departed souls or spirits; Hades.

3. a region below the surface, as of the earth or a body of water.

4. the opposite side of the earth; the antipodes.

5. Archaic. the earth.

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"moneys can be underworld."

"bankers can be underworld."

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