Adjective "underway" definition and examples

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/ˌʌndə ˈweɪ/

Definitions and examples


Having started and in progress; being done or carried out.
  1. 'An effort is now under way to establish a methodical breeding program in the hope of creating a healthy captive population.'
  2. 'By October 1766, the work was well under way.'
  3. 'At the time of this writing, the DNA analysis of the hairs we collected is still under way.'
  4. 'In California, there's an initiative under way to amend the state constitution.'
  5. 'An FBI investigation into the security breach is underway, but has yet to result in any arrests.'
  6. 'A turnaround now seems to be well under way.'
  7. 'The final phase in the development of the historic Gravesend town pier is underway.'
  8. 'With the Cold War now well under way, nuclear-weapons development became a high national priority.'
  9. 'Last year, his diocese had $50 million worth of projects under way.'
  10. 'At one end of this area, a massive building project has been underway for the best part of 20 years.'
(of a boat) moving through the water.
  1. 'There were no guard rails, so working on the decks while underway must have been hazardous.'
  2. 'You'll have plenty of time to prove yourself to the crew once we get under way.'
  3. 'This ship sank while underway, and now rests on its starboard side.'

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1. occurring while under way: the underway activities on a cruise ship.

2. under way (def 1).

More examples(as adjective)

"talks can be underway with organizations."

"programs can be underway in places."

"developments can be underway at places."

"inquiries can be underway after deaths."

"trials can be underway in cancers."

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Mid 18th century (as a nautical term): from Dutch onderweg.