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(of a person) with insufficient training for a job, sport, etc.
  1. 'Exacerbating the situation were the deleterious effects of undertrained writers, production staff, and performers with little or no television experience, leading to radically uneven structure from show to show.'
  2. 'Backs are frequently overlooked and undertrained.'
  3. 'The small, undertrained police force was overwhelmed by their superior strength and swordsmanship.'
  4. 'The current wisdom is that it is better to be undertrained than overtrained.'
  5. 'Few athletes are undertrained, but unfortunately, many are overtrained, often erroneously believing that more training always produces more improvement.'
  6. 'They were woefully undertrained compared to their military counterparts.'


1. Railroads. a self-propelled, connected group of rolling stock.

2. a line or procession of persons, vehicles, animals, etc., traveling together.

3. Military. an aggregation of vehicles, animals, and personnel accompanying an army to carry supplies, baggage, ammunition, etc.

4. a series or row of objects or parts.

5. Machinery. a connected set of three or more rotating elements, usually gears, through which force is transmitted, or motion or torque changed.

6. order, especially prope

More examples(as adjective)

"staffs can be undertrained."

"departments can be undertrained."