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A subdued or muted tone of sound or colour.
  1. 'Oh no, Selena, it brings out the yellow undertones in you complexion far too much.'
  2. 'Available in a bright blue with purple undertones, this plant is a show stopper when mass planted.'
  3. 'The skin tones in several scenes either contained orange undertones, or were extremely washed out.'
  4. 'She whispered, but Will murmured in an undertone for her to be quiet.'
  5. 'If you have cool skin tones (blue undertones in your skin), silver would really bring out your beauty.'
  6. 'The quality of the film is as good as can be expected from any DVD from the early '90s. There was little to no grain in the color and the flesh tones lacked any unpleasant undertones.'
  7. 'In some scenes, there were slight orange undertones to the flesh tones; this may have been the result of a low budget production and the lighting used during the filming, but it was not attractive.'
  8. 'In general, when choosing a colour, opt for neutrals with bluish undertones or softer pinks.'
  9. 'The sounds of clinking glasses, shouting voices with the undertones of murmuring conversation, and the flickering of flame radiated from the mucky place.'
  10. 'The hue contains warm yellow undertones that create a sunlit ambience.'
  11. 'the sexual undertones of most advertising'
  12. 'The strong undertone of moral earnestness, never preached, gives a stability and force to the vivid portraiture, and prevents the satiric touches from degenerating into mere malice.'
  13. 'Not surprisingly, the disconcerting undertones of this film are downright troubling.'
  14. 'His statement held undertones of sexual suggestion, just as he had intended, and had no note of insecurity or uncertainty.'
  15. 'For all that written correspondence can manage, a subtle undertone and feeling is probably the hardest to achieve.'
  16. 'Instead of watching a comedy with sinister undertones, we're force-fed a melodrama with no tones at all.'
  17. 'It's a movie with very strong spiritual undertones and overtones.'
  18. 'But the political undertones are less interesting than the cultural ones.'
  19. 'There was an undertone of disapproval in his voice.'
  20. 'Dark, creepy undertones swell within its electronic mixes and specifically highlight the 4th untitled track.'
  21. 'This show also had a lot of racist undertones and overtones.'

More definitions

1. a low or subdued tone: to speak in undertones.

2. an unobtrusive or background sound: an undertone of static from the receiver.

3. an underlying quality or element; undercurrent: There was an undertone of regret in his refusal.

4. a subdued color; a color modified by an underlying color.

More examples(as adjective)

"steadies can be undertone."