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Able to be understood.
  1. 'She is able to explain the more arcane bits of theology in a very clear and understandable way.'
  2. 'it is understandable that mistakes occur sometimes'
  3. 'This reaction was entirely predictable and understandable, albeit a bit extreme.'
  4. 'Business customers are always slow in upgrading, for obvious and understandable reasons.'
  5. 'This is understandable but in the long term it is a serious mistake.'
  6. 'She gave me completely understandable reasons for her words, her actions and her choices.'
  7. 'He has his reasons and they are understandable.'
  8. 'It was, of course, an innocent mistake, perhaps understandable at the end of what has been a giddying week.'
  9. 'It is understandable that businesses want to provide best value and have a cost-effective system.'
  10. 'Many directors and actors in this country have made the same understandable mistake.'
  11. 'Some delay in assessing complex claims and establishing facts is understandable.'
  12. 'These sentiments might be understandable, but again they're hardly rational.'


1. capable of being understood; comprehensible.

More examples(as adjective)

"ways can be understandable to issuerses."

"theologies can be understandable in terms."

"teachings can be understandable in terms."

"systems can be understandable to users."

"suspicions can be understandable in eras."

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