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Fail to report (something, especially news or data) fully.
  1. 'under-reported domestic violence'
  2. 'Given respondents' tendency to under-report illegal or socially undesirable behavior, higher reports would suggest more accuracy.'
  3. 'The article under-reported opportunities to conserve forests, a precious resource threatened by wood consumption.'
  4. 'In practice, it generally means important initiatives are under-reported because journalists hate following up stories that have been given exclusively to their rivals.'
  5. 'An internal investigation by the USDA suggests the problems may be under-reported, because too few animals are tested.'
  6. 'Yet this is the most under-reported crime of all.'
  7. 'An investigation said many city firms have under-reported the true extent of the job losses so far this year, quoting sources who believe the true figure could be in excess of 9,000 jobs.'
  8. 'Unless stated otherwise, these figures come from research, not police statistics, as victims tend to under-report domestic violence to the police.'

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1. to report as less or fewer than is correct: to underreport the enemy's strength.

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"exports can be underreporting."