Adjective "undermanned" definition and examples

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Fail to provide with enough workers or crew.
  1. 'Most of the departments had been undermanned anyways.'
  2. 'Army fuel supply sections were also undermanned and officers from army reserves (three to five persons) were used to strengthen them.'
  3. 'His badly undermanned team played with heart but had no hope of matching the two great world powers of the game.'
  4. 'We're undermanned, undersized, and undermotivated.'
  5. 'Some skills are crowded and others are undermanned.'
  6. 'Mrs Crowther belongs to the neighbourhood watch and admires the two hard-working local beat police, but says they are ridiculously undermanned.'
  7. 'The federal appellate courts are vastly undermanned, largely because Congress blocks more judicial nominees than it confirms.'
  8. 'Many aircraft maintenance areas are undermanned.'
  9. 'You all know we were undermanned before this encounter.'
  10. 'The conditions were very bad, and we were grossly undermanned.'

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1. lacking a normal or sufficient work force, complement of troops, or the like; understaffed; short-handed.

More examples(as adjective)

"teachings can be undermanned in ways."

"fleets can be undermanned by seamans."

"spurs can be undermanned."

"vessels can be undermanned."

"heats can be undermanned."

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