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  1. 'Surely, the activists will not stop until they have tried every means, no matter how underhanded, to get their way all across the country.'
  2. 'However, I feel that this should be the final act in our war of dirty, underhanded tricks.'
  3. 'He told us that despite the delay and some confusion, there was nothing improper or underhanded about how events unfolded.'
  4. 'They have been underhanded and they have used cheap media ploys.'
  5. 'Although their values are similar to my own, doesn't their method of getting laws passed seem a little underhanded?'
  6. 'I've had four years of his sneaky, underhanded, dirty ways.'
  7. 'Doug and I came up with a sneaky, underhanded and brilliant plan which kept us strong and under little pressure for the first three years.'
  8. 'Alright, so it was a rather underhanded method of extracting the truth.'
  9. 'There had to be a hidden secret, underhanded or malign.'
  10. 'This man was underhanded and sneaky, preferring to let others do the fighting for him.'


1. underhand.

2. short-handed: By the time of the Navy game, Army usually finds itself underhanded.

More examples(as adjective)

"ways can be underhanded."

"wys can be underhanded."

"practices can be underhanded."