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Under one's feet; on the ground.
  1. figurative 'genuine rights were being trodden underfoot'
  2. 'The grass was dying as well; the sickly yellowish leaves crumbled as they were trodden underfoot.'
  3. 'My bare feet were tickled by the cool, dewy grass underfoot.'
  4. 'With the ground underfoot very wet, players were slipping all over the park and passing moves were continually let down by poor handling.'
  5. 'The ground was cold underfoot but we were laughing as we fetched rocks from the river, re-erected the tent and weighed down its rim with the rocks.'
  6. 'The ground underfoot was soggy, with mud pushing between Sekher's toes.'
  7. 'Giles felt it before he saw anything: a pounding on the ground underfoot.'
  8. 'It sounded like the ground was pursing it's lips as diggers shuffled their boots on the broken ground underfoot.'
  9. 'The ground stirred underfoot, enough to shake the group of four, but not enough for them to lose their equilibrium.'
  10. 'The slippery and wet ground underfoot also dampened any prospect of a free-flowing game.'
  11. 'Moving carefully, checking the ground underfoot and the supports overhead as he went, he moved towards it.'
  12. 'He stuck one step behind me and was constantly underfoot as I turned to pick something up or put it down.'


Relating to the state of the ground, especially in a horse race.
  1. 'With improving underfoot conditions better suited to our style of play, and hopes of a full-strength team, there will be no better time for a home encounter with the league's second placed team.'
  2. 'The snow on the tops made for treacherous underfoot conditions and the race organisers decided to turn the runners before they reached the 2,100 ft summit because of hidden rocks.'
  3. 'On a day when the underfoot conditions tested the courage of horses all over the country, one performance at Sandown shone out for the sheer bravery of the horse concerned.'
  4. 'Tomorrow's underfoot conditions are ideal for her to score again in this six furlongs dash.'
  5. 'All of his wins have been gained on pretty testing ground and underfoot conditions are likely to livelier tomorrow.'
  6. 'Some guidebooks describe this ridge as relentless, and it is, but underfoot conditions are good and it's just a question of plodding upwards with ever widening views all around you as consolation.'
  7. 'In difficult underfoot conditions, both sides played some excellent football, and while the visitors led for most of the hour, the result was in the balance until the final whistle.'
  8. 'At 4.30 pm, when the referee squelched across the sodden turf, the odds seemed to be on the match being postponed because of the underfoot conditions.'
  9. 'Firm underfoot conditions greeted the teams, neither of whom were at full strength.'
  10. 'Complimented by the excellent underfoot conditions, athletes enjoyed a series of most competitive races.'


1. under the foot or feet; on the ground; underneath or below: The climb was difficult because there were so many rocks underfoot.

2. so as to form an obstruction, as in walking; in the way: the ends of her sash falling constantly underfoot. adjective

3. lying under the foot or feet; in a position to be trodden upon.

More examples(as adjective)

"principles can be underfoot."

"conditions can be underfoot."