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Not having or receiving sufficient funding.
  1. 'On Friday, the council voted to speed up planning for a UN peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur to relieve underfinanced African Union troops.'
  2. 'The task of creating a coherent, statewide system for indigent defense out of the current hodgepodge of underfinanced defenders has been put off for too long.'
  3. 'He banned birth control and left under-financed state institutions to care for the wave of abandoned children that followed.'
  4. 'The underfinanced, little-publicized campaign of Mr. Kennedy, 38, is not likely to get many votes on Tuesday.'
  5. 'Lancaster, 54, had been unfairly blamed for the failings of an antiquated and underfinanced department with a long history of corruption, inefficiency and missing records.'
  6. 'Public higher education has been badly under financed for a decade.'
  7. 'The overburdened, under-financed hospital was itself an unnerving environment for the meeting.'
  8. 'Bashir has put conditions on a UN peacekeeping force to bolster the underfinanced 7,000 African Union troops, now in Darfur.'
  9. 'Researchers have also recently found that people in grammar schools do better than pupils in underfinanced inner-city hell-hole comprehensives.'
  10. 'Introduced two years ago by President Vladimir V. Putin, the tax was designed to bring order to the chaos of the chronically underfinanced state budget.'


1. the management of revenues; the conduct or transaction of money matters generally, especially those affecting the public, as in the fields of banking and investment.

2. finances, the monetary resources, as of a government, company, organization, or individual; revenue. verb (used with object), financed, financing.

3. to supply with money or capital; obtain money or credit for. verb (used without object), financed, financing.

4. to raise money or capital needed for financial o

More examples(as adjective)

"armies can be underfinanced."

"forces can be underfinanced."