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Poorly educated.
  1. 'She is also a spunky, opinionated scientist who believes that many athletes, nutritionally speaking, are lazy, undereducated, and misinformed, and eat like spoiled children when given the chance.'
  2. 'People who are undereducated often feel unequipped to participate in the political process.'
  3. 'Well, I couldn't take her impoliteness to mean she was undereducated - except in the manners department.'
  4. 'Companies look at us and one of the things they see is an undereducated population.'
  5. 'You're looking at undereducated, undervalued and underdeveloped, men, women and children.'
  6. 'He founded a vocational school for undereducated children.'
  7. 'By today's standards, most journalists were corrupt and undereducated.'
  8. 'He always wanted to help education and to help the lives of the underprivileged and the undereducated.'
  9. 'A third of the population is unemployed, and many more people are underemployed and undereducated, he says.'
  10. 'Otherwise all future columns will be printed without edit, thereby exposing us for the undereducated, overpaid frauds that we are.'


1. to educate too little or poorly.

More examples(as adjective)

"workforces can be undereducated."

"people can be undereducated."

"countries can be undereducated."

"children can be undereducated."