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Not fully developed.
  1. 'the community services are underfunded and underdeveloped'
  2. 'Nonetheless, there are times in the film, especially during the second half, when the plot is somewhat scattered, leaving many introduced themes unfinished or underdeveloped.'
  3. 'Some of the beats aren't bad, but there's just nothing exceptional about this album - no hooks and slightly underdeveloped voices - nothing really to keep you coming back.'
  4. 'Yet, in the final analysis, they remain just that: underdeveloped suggestions that still require substantial clarification.'
  5. 'When the plot is so haphazard, the themes so underdeveloped, the characters so sketchy, such obvious imagery seems to be hopeless compensation for the film's failure to articulate anything else competently.'
  6. 'During walks in the woods, Rusty, whose blindness is caused by underdeveloped retinas, would follow Dugan, staying right at his ear.'
  7. 'In 1903, a method of increasing the annual tax on vacant or underdeveloped land was adopted.'
  8. 'It's just not enough, though, because first, the characterisation is underdeveloped, and second, there is no attempt to establish an audience-character relationship.'
  9. 'The city has been so underdeveloped for so long that there is plenty of capacity there.'
  10. 'The real problem is tiny, underdeveloped lungs.'
  11. 'The old man watched her go, a slight underdeveloped girl, wearing a ragged pair of boys' shorts too big for her, a lustrous mop of untidy hair falling in glossy black waves almost to her bony shoulders.'
  12. 'Since it is still considered to be an underdeveloped country, most of the economy revolves around the import and export of food.'
  13. 'Most underdeveloped countries have not closed the development gap with advanced countries; very few have done so.'
  14. 'How citizens would be persuaded to make such a move remains unclear, and the assumption that these underdeveloped regions could offer enough profitable jobs to sustain a large influx of people is equally dubious.'
  15. 'As a result, satellites will be instrumental in helping to raise the standard of living in many underdeveloped countries where there is little or no communications infrastructure.'
  16. 'It is possible to build a critical audience and a variety of tastes but that takes time and consistency, not an easy task for underdeveloped countries with no money or devotion to long-term goals.'
  17. 'The global mining industry thereby makes national development under global capitalism extremely difficult for underdeveloped countries.'
  18. 'We should be putting resources, people, and money, into helping underdeveloped countries deal with their own serious health problems.'
  19. 'A recurring issue in all underdeveloped countries is a lack of credit.'
  20. 'I have divided the thirteen largest underdeveloped countries into three groups: moderately advanced, intermediate, and poor.'
  21. 'The burden of debt is made even worse when it is considered that the area is one of the most economically underdeveloped regions in South Africa.'
(of a photographic film) not developed sufficiently to give a normal image.


    1. improperly or insufficiently developed.

    2. Photography. (of a negative) less developed than is normal, so as to produce a relatively dark positive lacking in contrast.

    3. developing (def 2).

    More examples(as adjective)

    "sectors can be underdeveloped in parts."

    "roads can be underdeveloped in nations."

    "regions can be underdeveloped in terms."

    "groups can be underdeveloped in fields."

    "answers can be underdeveloped in souths."

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