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Shaped like a triangle; having three sides and three corners.
  1. 'The sagacious Romans saw that in order to control the line of the Danube and the east coast of Italy it was necessary to absorb the triangular shaped country of the Illyrians.'
  2. 'It had a smooth carapace, like a beetle, and a triangular shaped head with two huge bug eyes atop each corner.'
  3. 'One was wearing all red and had a white, circular shaped hat on, while the other was wearing all yellow and had a yellow, triangular shaped hat on.'
  4. 'I have recently in the last year to year and a half noticed I have on my right shin bone, a perfect triangular shaped scar.'
  5. 'Bat rays have a flattened, triangular shaped body that is wider than long.'
  6. 'The glass pavilion, designed by Dirk van Pastel, is in the western corner of a triangular site, surrounded by the woods and fields of Burgundy.'
  7. 'Products with a square, rectangular, triangular, or polygonal cross-section can have corners rounded along their whole length.'
  8. 'The style may be named after the farm animal, but that doesn't mean you should also don a triangular shaped goatee on your chin - a definite fashion faux pas.'
  9. 'The garage is 33 feet by 33 feet so it features four equally steep, equally triangular sides meeting in a perfect central peak 33 feet above the ground.'
  10. 'It was a flying triangular shaped thing with big red lights on the three corners that had a haze like glow to them.'
  11. 'a triangular cricket competition'
  12. 'During Vajpayee's visit, China raised the prospect of a triangular relationship between Russia, China and India.'
  13. 'Taiwan could regain some momentum in the Taipei-Tokyo-Beijing triangular relationship by forming a partnership with Japan to contain China's ambitions in the region.'
  14. 'Without raising a sweat, South Africa crushed Kenya by seven wickets at Willowmoore Park here yesterday in the second one-day triangular cricket international.'
  15. 'The Samoans booked their place with a 31-13 win over Tonga in Apia to move to the top of the triangular Oceania qualifying competition.'
  16. 'Stone Reader explores the triangular relationship between a book, its reader, and the other people who have shared the experience of reading it.'
  17. 'Likewise, a vernacular translation would normally be produced in a triangular relationship with at least two other versions.'
  18. 'They believe in the mystery of his ways, as well as the absolutely necessary triangular relationship of God-universe-science.'
  19. 'Now they find themselves thrust yet again into an intense triangular relationship: Jimmy the avenger, Sean the truth-seeker and Dave the unfortunate.'
  20. 'Now companies have made it a triangular relationship.'
  21. 'South Africa meet New Zealand in the last league match of the Singapore Challenge 2000 triangular cricket series today, which will determine who gets to play in the final.'
  22. 'One of the girls had been to New York before, and fairly expertly navigated us to a tiny gay piano bar set in a tiny triangular building created by the intersection of gridlines.'
  23. 'Onto this stage is rolled a triangular cage for the important prison scenes, the widely spaced bars forming a jungle gym for the captive Palamon.'
  24. 'The bonds between the central nitrogen and the three surrounding hydrogen atoms are pointed at the corners of the base of a triangular pyramid.'


1. pertaining to or having the form of a triangle; three-cornered.

2. having a triangle as base or cross section: a triangular prism.

3. comprising three parts or elements; triple.

4. pertaining to or involving a group of three, as three persons, parties, or things.

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"plates can be triangular with edges."

"shields can be triangular to shapes."

"shields can be triangular in shapes."

"shields can be triangular with edges."

"shields can be triangular with angles."

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Mid 16th century: from late Latin triangularis, from Latin triangulum (see triangle).