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Arousing feelings of sympathy or gratitude.
  1. 'a touching reconciliation scene'
  2. 'With the news of a child's disappearance all too common in the headlines, this beautiful play is a touching look at a tender subject and the way in which we all cope with real grief in the contemporary world.'
  3. 'It's a touching scene, but not one desired by the socially well-adjusted.'
  4. 'One could hear the proverbial pin drop as the four actors related a touching and evocative story of human tragedy and its sequence of events unfolding with one surprise after another.'
  5. 'This is the most compelling part of the film, especially a long sequence in which his mother dances around laughing hysterically, which manages to be both touching and disturbing.'
  6. 'The church echoed with his touching and poignant music.'
  7. 'I read on with mixed emotions the touching story of the dog they called Dilly.'
  8. 'It's silly, but she is so adorable, and her seduction is inspired with such grace, that it makes a touching and subtle scene.'
  9. 'But overall, there is a very moving, very touching film presented.'
  10. 'The stadium presented a touching scene as lights were switched off and everyone stood up with burning candles in their hands.'
  11. 'I think you will all find it touching and poignant.'


Concerning; about.


    1. affecting; moving; pathetic: a touching scene of farewell.

    2. that touches. preposition

    3. in reference or relation to; concerning; about: He wrote touching future plans.

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    "highs can be touching."

    "distances can be touching."

    "lows can be touching."

    "stops can be touching."

    "moments can be touching."

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    Late Middle English (as a preposition): from French touchant, present participle of toucher ‘to touch’; the adjective ( early 16th century) is from touch + -ing.