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Arranged neatly and in order.
  1. figurative 'the lives they lead don't fit into tidy patterns'
  2. 'His wife, Olfah, is arranging furniture that has just arrived at their tidy two-bedroom flat.'
  3. 'When I sit down on empty days like this and wonder what to do with myself I think mostly of tidy roses and neatly mown lawns.'
  4. 'Although I'm not hugely obsessive about it, it has to at least appear to be tidy and clean.'
  5. 'I was very particular about these things - I had to make everything perfectly tidy and orderly, or I would go crazy.'
  6. 'They were packed with tidy rows of disks, neatly labeled and organized alphabetically.'
  7. 'A careful and conscientious farmer, he kept his farmyard, fences and land in good repair, and always had a neat and tidy garden.'
  8. 'The village was neat, with tidy little houses, arranged along three roads leading out from this castle.'
  9. 'They can barely wait to get rid of the place so they can return to a tidy apartment in Paris with a bistro next door.'
  10. 'If you give an example of keeping things well organised and tidy, the chances are your adolescent will eventually do the same.'
  11. 'Lace curtains neatly surround the latticed windows while pretty flowers border the tidy garden which has obviously been lovingly kept.'
  12. 'If you wore slacks you were almost certainly a member of the golf club, you were neat and tidy and smart, you were destined for a middling job, an early marriage and early middle age.'
  13. 'I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, because anybody who reads this is probably a considerate and reasonably tidy person.'
  14. 'Irving, thought by his family at home in Vermont to be obsessively tidy, is a control freak.'
  15. 'After the third knock a charming and tidy gentleman appeared at the front door.'
  16. 'And then he decided the reason we aren't living together is because you're tidy and I'm not.'
  17. 'She'd never been a very tidy person; thus the slightly mess apartment.'
  18. 'he wrote down her replies in a small, tidy hand'
  19. 'The open-ended nature of the story is in keeping with the character who has been presented to us but is a little on the frustrating side for anyone seeking tidy endings.'
  20. 'The results move straight into a very tidy profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement, followed by cleanly presented notes.'
  21. 'The words inside were written in black ink, in very neat and tidy handwriting.'
  22. 'Patterson and New Zealand pro Matt Horne seized control in the face of a tidy but far from fierce attack.'
  23. 'My neat, tidy organised life is structured to avoid self-inflicted nasty surprises.'
  24. 'In a rather neat and tidy package, the movie playfully portrays the highs and lows of a complicated dating process.'
  25. 'He did not threaten aerially but was prepared to tackle and his distribution was generally tidy.'
  26. 'Wilson runs a neat and tidy show, with just the occasional seasoning of edge to it.'
  27. 'You'll see neat and tidy chapters, broken into subsets on theory, mechanics, and practice.'
(of an amount, especially of money) considerable.
  1. 'All who attended, not just the winners who walked away with a nice tidy sum of money, had a great night.'
  2. 'It amounts to the tidy sum of several thousand dollars.'
  3. 'You could join the thieves guild and make quite a tidy bit of money.'
  4. 'At a fiver a head it would have made a tidy sum for some deserving cause.'
  5. 'The Glasgow firm, a world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control units, also made a tidy fortune from millennium parties around the world.'
  6. 'We deferred almost all our household spending for six months and thus earned a tidy amount of extra interest.'
  7. 'Plus, the money I don't spend on meat will amount to a tidy sum as the years pass.'
  8. 'Helen's father, Francis, sold the winning ticket and he received a tidy sum of €440.'
  9. 'However, I plan to retire long before then with a tidy income from company and private pensions, ISAs, property and so on.'
  10. 'They generally look to sell off the businesses between three and five years for a tidy profit.'
  11. 'City have the backbone of a tidy side'


An act or spell of tidying something.
  1. 'Yesterday I did a major tidy of the back room, and I mentioned that I intended doing the same for the front room.'
  2. 'If you just witter vaguely about a dust-round and tidy-up, you've only yourself to blame if you come home to a grimy cooker.'
  3. 'Several tons of rubbish were cleaned from houses during the tidy-up.'
  4. 'They're in need of an autumn tidy, that's for sure, but it's a job that'll keep Graham busy for no more than half a day, possibly as much as a full day.'
  5. 'Inside, the car gets a much-needed trim tidy-up, with a redesigned instrument cluster and space for satellite navigation and climate control.'
  6. 'I've collected a few, taken them home and they usually end up in a drawer or get thrown away during the next tidy-up.'
  7. 'Many parents of teenagers know all about bedrooms needing a good tidy-up, but how many would require a full-scale archaeological dig?'
  8. 'Rain stopped play on the garage painting project late in the afternoon, so Graham shifted his attention to the inside, doing a major tidy-up on the garage and on his workshop at the back end.'
  9. 'The money was raised last November, when all the members of the club took part in a sponsored graveyard tidy at St Michael's and All Angel's Church, Haworth.'
  10. 'She said people living nearby did their best but they were disappointed that their opportunity for a tidy-up had been spoiled.'
A receptacle for holding small objects or waste scraps.
  1. 'As we look down the inside length of the unit, on the left hand side at the rear is a nice cable tidy, to keep the power leads out of your way.'
  2. 'Disposing of the tub in the kitchen tidy, she searched the lounge room for her mobile phone and wallet.'
  3. 'Indeed, almost as wide and as deep as the car it sits on, the slide-and-tilt sunroof is so spectacularly capacious that the interior could, given a wicker chair or two and a magazine tidy, usefully double as a conservatory.'
A detachable ornamental cover for a chair back.


    Bring order to; arrange neatly.
    1. figurative 'the Bill is intended to tidy up the law on this matter'
    2. 'Today will mostly be spent tidying my flat, which is an utterly disgraceful mess.'
    3. 'The good thing about spending all weekend tidying my bedroom is that I have a tidy bedroom.'
    4. 'Thinking they were arguing, she continued vacuum cleaning and tidying the rest of the house.'
    5. 'It is the council which allowed rubble to be tipped there, it is the council which has never cleaned or tidied it.'
    6. 'This doesn't stop me waking up early and running round tidying the flat, polishing and cleaning.'
    7. 'Then we could see all the chefs tidying stuff away and we realised that it wasn't going to be.'
    8. 'Suddenly there is nothing to worry about other than tidying my room and sending emails.'
    9. 'In theory I was supposed to be paying bills and tidying paperwork too, but that never happened.'
    10. 'If the weather stays reasonable I'll be tidying the garden but that won't take too much effort.'
    11. 'Used needles, rubbish and even a caravan had been left on the site, creating a danger to those tidying it up.'
    12. 'I was tidying away papers in my office'
    13. 'It wasn't even in the tub marked ‘leather’, which is the only place that someone might tidy it away to by mistake.'
    14. 'The whirlwind of toddlers has been and gone, (most of) the mess is tidied away, Akra Jr is in bed if not quite asleep yet.'
    15. 'Mention has already been made of using Velcro loops to tidy the wiring away.'
    16. 'It looked like she had been standing there thinking for quite a while, as everything on her desk was tidied away, no work in progress left out, and her chair was neatly pushed in.'
    17. 'After tidying the stuff away I popped up to see P and she seemed really well.'


    1. neat, orderly, or trim, as in appearance or dress: a tidy room; a tidy person.

    2. clearly organized and systematic: a tidy mind; a tidy way of working.

    3. tolerably good; acceptable: They worked out a tidy arrangement agreeable to all.

    4. fairly large; considerable: a tidy sum. verb (used with or without object), tidied, tidying.

    5. to make tidy or neat (often followed by up). noun, plural tidies.

    6. any of various articles for keeping things t

    More examples(as adjective)

    "places can be tidy with nothings."

    "people can be tidy with ties."

    "people can be tidy over thens."

    "people can be tidy over stretches."

    "people can be tidy in jeanses."

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    Middle English: from the noun tide + -y. The original meaning was ‘timely, opportune’; it later had various senses expressing approval, usually of a person, including ‘attractive’, ‘healthy’, and ‘skilful’; the sense ‘orderly, neat’ dates from the early 18th century.