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Having an appearance or manner that is appealing on television.
  1. 'They feel the need to be telegenic and comfortable with the electronic media, while they must also be intelligent, good communicators.'
  2. 'Even those left-wing media types are calling him telegenic.'
  3. 'TV commentators fell for the telegenic president, and more important, sympathized with the civil rights struggle, a ‘bias’ in news reporting that few would criticize today.'
  4. 'Nodding sympathetically is so much more telegenic.'
  5. 'Only very thin people are telegenic because the camera adds pounds.'
  6. 'It is a very telegenic event and ITV Sport looks forward to the challenge of giving it the same prominence as our other big sporting events.'
  7. 'Tall, slim and telegenic Joseph was known to be artistically inclined.'
  8. 'Well, tonight the telegenic trial lawyer argues the case of a lifetime before a highly sympathetic hall of delegates and a supremely divided nation.'
  9. 'Not only was his analysis absolutely on target, he was tremendously self-assured, well spoken and telegenic.'
  10. 'But the wiser course is to do what you can to make yourself telegenic.'


1. having physical qualities or characteristics that televise well; videogenic.

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"teachers can be telegenic."

"premiers can be telegenic."

"politicians can be telegenic."

"personalities can be telegenic."

"ways can be telegenic."

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1930s (originally US): from tele- ‘television’ + -genic ‘well suited to’, on the pattern of photogenic.