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Denoting a person between 13 and 19 years old.
  1. 'Police have called on parents to help them win the battle against teenage tearaways.'
  2. 'Some teenage girls walked around in tight white vests, hot pants and high heels.'
  3. 'Apparently lots of teenage boys and girls are using blogs and it is hard to spot the gender differences.'
  4. 'As a stepfather, I have first hand experience of mid and late teenage females.'
  5. 'This desire to fit in, however, is no different for teenage girls than it is for teenage boys.'
  6. 'Recent figures revealed that teenage girls are now beating boys in their bad drinking habits.'
  7. 'I got the bus home yesterday and had to put up with a loud conversation from a group of teenage girls at the back of the bus.'
  8. 'I think it is a sad reflection on society that teenage girls can get pregnant.'
  9. 'He was only one teenage boy, and yet he took on several opponents at once.'
  10. 'I could see why almost every teenage girl in America was steadily falling in love with him.'
  11. 'teenage magazines'
  12. 'It is targeted at teens and deals with complex teenage issues in a mature manner.'
  13. 'We have more lone parents and teenage pregnancies than anywhere else in western Europe.'
  14. 'She also sees a need for for young mums to lecture their friends on the problems of teenage pregnancy.'
  15. 'There is only one thing that leads to teenage pregnancy and that is teenage sex.'
  16. 'At the same time there is also an increase in the rate of teenage pregnancies as well.'
  17. 'She had a passion for philosophy and the study of teenage angst and rebellion.'
  18. 'Figures released earlier this year showed a fall in the number of teenage pregnancies in the city.'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a teenager.

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"people can be teenage."

"daughters can be teenage."

"sons can be teenage."

"children can be teenage."

"mothers can be teenage."

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1920s (originally in North America): from teen + age.