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Relating to teenagers.
  1. 'Despite his better mood, he did feel nostalgic for his early teen years.'
  2. 'The story is crammed full of drama, awkward teen romance, and more than a little comedy.'
  3. 'British television has traditionally had a simple approach to teen drama.'
  4. 'She finally accepted his ambiguity as normal teen behaviour and she moved on.'
  5. 'The reason for this is that among the working class there is increased teen pregnancy and a tradition of marrying young.'
  6. 'She holds pretty strong views on subjects such as politics, teen issues and the world economy.'
  7. 'I played this song constantly in my early teen years during one of my earlier depressive episodes.'
  8. 'If these are complex times for teenagers, they're fascinating for teen pop.'
  9. 'This, combined with more spending power, saw the emergence of teen idols of which Frank was one of the first.'
  10. 'He's spent those years educating us on various topics ranging from teen pregnancy to obesity.'


A teenager.
  1. 'Teaching your teen to drive will take planning, patience, and time.'
  2. 'As a teen, she lived briefly in a foster home, but is now on good terms with her parents.'
  3. 'You write that troubled teens become jaded and often distrustful of adults and authority.'
  4. 'The black-haired teen looked behind her in horror as she saw her father emerge from the house.'
  5. 'Today's teens have more opportunities for taking dangerous risks than ever before.'
  6. 'Such meetings also give you the necessary knowledge to talk to your teen about what goes on at school.'
  7. 'If a teen is repeatedly threatening to end his or her life he may mean it.'
  8. 'Finally, support of family and love will greatly help pregnant teens.'
  9. 'Mike asked the teen's parents if he could take the boy to the Air Force base for lunch.'
  10. 'Twenty percent of today's teens have at least one immigrant parent.'


1. Archaic. suffering; grief.

2. Obsolete. injury; harm.

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"smokings can be teen."

"uses can be teen."

"pregnancies can be teen."

"sensations can be teen."

"rates can be teen."

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(teen)Early 19th century (as a noun): abbreviation. The adjective dates from the 1940s.