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A soft toy bear.
  1. 'She found it easily, an old teddy bear that she had used to soothe her to sleep every night when her parents fought.'
  2. 'I looked at my sister, who was playing with my teddy bear on the bed.'
  3. 'We went and bought a teddy bear for my little brother and drove to the hospital to see him.'
  4. 'The kitchen department organised a raffle for a teddy bear which raised another £69.'
  5. 'Year five and six children sold cakes and raised money through the guessing the name of the teddy bear and the number of marbles game.'
  6. 'Two years ago a giant teddy bear was swiped from its window display, just half an hour after being put on show.'
  7. 'She opened his door, moving quietly as she stepped over a teddy bear on the floor.'
  8. 'All she did was sit in one corner of her room and stare into empty space while hugging her teddy bear.'
  9. 'How could you not love the idea of giving a teddy bear to a saddened and scared child?'
  10. 'Boom was just a teddy bear, a little worn around the ears, soft and agreeable to hold.'
A woman's all-in-one undergarment.
  1. 'She was wearing a micro-miniskirt (as usual), pulled over what looked like a mostly-lace teddy.'
  2. 'This sheer black teddy features intricate embroidery on the front and back.'
  3. 'Dressed in a sheer teddy, a very personable smile painted across her white face, she returns to the stage carrying a small basket.'
  4. 'The most basic teddy has full panties and a top which resembles a camisole, often providing bust support for the breasts.'
  5. 'Her plum-colored dressing gown did little to conceal the teddy she wore underneath.'
  6. 'Flowing style signals the return of authentic, seductive daytime lingerie, with camisoles and teddies.'
  7. 'Slowly he untied the delicate pink bows holding her black teddy together.'

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1. Often, teddies. a woman's one-piece undergarment combining a chemise and underpants, sometimes having a snap crotch.

2. Informal. teddy bear.

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"bears can be teddy."

"markets can be teddy."

"manufacturers can be teddy."

"picnics can be teddy."

"collectors can be teddy."

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Early 20th century: from Teddy, pet form of the given name Theodore: in teddy (sense 1) alluding to Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore, an enthusiastic bear-hunter.