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A person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory.
  1. 'A laboratory technician checked urine for ultraviolet fluorescence indicating the presence of riboflavin.'
  2. 'The program he took is dual-purpose: to train construction equipment operators and technicians.'
  3. 'Equally, many of the shortages in public services such as the health service from nurses to radiographers and laboratory technicians will disappear.'
  4. 'The report also expressed concern about the pay and conditions for laboratory technicians, saying an additional 4,000 were needed in schools.'
  5. 'Laboratory technicians battling cancer want to improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease.'
  6. 'I have worked as a hotel night-clerk, a taxicab driver, a tree puller, a house painter, and a laboratory technician.'
  7. 'Next, select the staff members that will be using this machine the most, and have the equipment technician perform the proper training.'
  8. 'The same technician using the same equipment performed the echocardiography.'
  9. 'The team would also include two laboratory technicians well acquainted with gene technology and biochemical techniques.'
  10. 'By the time the aircraft lands the truck will be waiting with the technicians, spares and equipment on board to repair the aircraft.'
  11. 'Specialist technicians are responsible for maintaining and modifying these recipes and have greater freedom in controlling the plant.'
  12. 'In stepped the experts, especially food technicians.'
  13. 'As I said in the lecture, I support the specialists, the technicians and the analysts.'
  14. 'In the quiet rural setting of Bandiana a team of skilled technicians are continuing a tradition that lasted for more than 50 years.'
  15. 'From there, he introduced other drivers and now the team runs smoothly with engine experts and software technicians aiding them from Italy.'
  16. 'This incident involved very senior and skilled technicians, as well as seasoned maintenance-control personnel.'
  17. 'Martin, a well-known technician and author, noted this in his writings.'
  18. 'The company is englamoured by research scientists, ‘the technicians in masks and gowns absorbed in their specialist tasks’.'
  19. 'An unrepentant classic from a master technician who's been writing songs since the Fifties and still seems at the top of his game.'
  20. 'Many see strategies and tactics slowly replacing the pure skilled technicians of yesterday.'
  21. 'We saw two highly skilled chess technicians at work.'
  22. 'Danny is a fine character actor, a master technician of his craft, one of our best.'
  23. 'Louis was also the most faultless fighter in history as a technician regardless of weight division, he was picture perfect.'

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1. a person who is trained or skilled in the technicalities of a subject.

2. a person who is skilled in the technique of an art, as music or painting.

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