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Physically or mentally demanding.
  1. 'But can you imagine how taxing this must be on their self esteems?'
  2. 'Driving buses is physically and emotionally taxing, with increasing demands for customer service, working congested routes, avoiding road rage, and dealing with schoolchildren.'
  3. 'For Hoffman, acting is taxing, demanding and isolating.'
  4. 'This whole situation must be really taxing for you.'
  5. 'The episode features three locale shifts and two car chases - taxing under ideal circumstances, inexcusable when the crew is exhausted and the budget trimmed.'
  6. 'Writing one novel must be taxing, but writing a novel within a novel within a novel within a novel must be nigh on impossible.'
  7. 'But still, calves or no calves, the demands of balancing an education with extracurricular responsibilities are taxing indeed.'
  8. 'Nothing particularly taxing, and the car behaved as you would expect it to, reliably, comfortably but not excitingly.'
  9. 'The long course takes about two hours of physically taxing skiing.'
  10. 'In this case the company reassigned the drivers to less physically taxing jobs.'


1. wearingly burdensome: the day-to-day, taxing duties of a supervisor.

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"powers can be taxing."

"masters can be taxing."

"authorities can be taxing."

"officers can be taxing."

"pensions can be taxing."

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