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Of an orange-brown or yellowish-brown colour.
  1. 'Following the Guardian story, readers have told us of their alleged sightings of a tawny brown, outsized cat around Leatherhead.'
  2. 'He will be black, not the tawny colour of the female with her beautiful long kookaburra-like, chevron-marked tail feathers.'
  3. 'The moist tawny plumpness of the peaches, dabbled with thick but scratched crimson so that they look like frayed velvet, is further accentuated by the hard cracked shells of the walnuts alongside them on the tablecloth.'
  4. 'I come up out of the low ground onto the highway and I'm imagining I see antelope at play - I can't help it, it's the wind moving the tawny wheat.'
  5. 'They deployed into the teeth of a furious dust storm that ended in thunder and rain and left tents flattened and Kuwait City covered in tawny dust and mud.'
  6. 'The males have great lionlike manes of tawny fur.'
  7. 'It suited him; the rich colour against his tawny hair.'
  8. 'In summer, the wapiti's coat is sleek and tawny brown, with a large buff-coloured rump patch.'
  9. 'Urban areas and areas where growth will occur are shown in mauve, pink or tawny brown, depending on the map.'
  10. 'This is where modern California was born, when 19 th-century gold seekers swarmed across these tawny hillsides seeking treasure.'


An orange-brown or yellowish-brown colour.
  1. 'He had hair so black there was a blue sheen to it, and his eyes were an odd, bright green with a flash of tawny in the center, his skin an even golden brown tan.'


1. of a dark yellowish or dull yellowish-brown color. noun

2. a shade of brown tinged with yellow; dull yellowish brown.

More examples(as adjective)

"bodies can be tawny as icons."

"owls can be tawny."

"eyes can be tawny."

"samples can be tawny."

"hairs can be tawny."

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Middle English: from Old French tane, from tan ‘tanbark’; related to tan.