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  1. 'The barriers will stop the car park being used as a short cut from the Stradbally Road to the Dublin road, a practice that has a wearing effect on the tarmacadam and has insurance implications also.'
  2. 'The road surface was tarmacadam, a bitumen surface with a 14 mm aggregate close graded wearing course.'
  3. 'A question mark has been placed over the surface of the particular stretch of road, which, according to specifications laid down by the National Roads Authority, should have had a skim of tar and chips over the tarmacadam surface.'
  4. 'It is approached by a tarmacadam driveway through landscaped grounds which include a pond.'
  5. 'These upgrading works included the installation of fire alarms, ceiling repairs, electrical rewiring, heating, fire doors, shower, ablutions in the billet block and some tarmacadam.'
  6. 'A welcome has been recorded at the completion of the road surface on the Mountain Road after workmen applied the tarmacadam surface on that roadway last week.'
  7. 'John said 300 000 Euro has been set aside for overlaying tarmacadam from Davey's Corner right through the village of Carracastle to the county boundary.'
  8. 'Wrought iron gates open onto a tarmacadam drive that surrounds the house giving ample parking space.'
  9. 'A tarmacadam driveway sweeps down to this ranch-style bungalow with a difference.'
  10. 'At a meeting between council officials and traders, the latter gave a vote of no confidence in the proposals, adding that they wanted tarmacadam on the street from Church Street to Lower Main Street.'

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1. a paving material consisting of coarse crushed stone covered with a mixture of tar and bitumen.

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"roads can be tarmacadam."

"plants can be tarmacadam."

"on sites can be tarmacadam."


Late 19th century: from tar + macadam.