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A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled.
  1. 'the air-supply tap'
  2. 'The water from the bathroom tap was painfully cold.'
  3. 'Some critics have also found it ironic that many people who purchase bottled water end up refilling the containers from a tap.'
  4. 'I shoved it into the sink, turned on the cold tap and let icy water wash over fabric.'
  5. 'After a minute, I had calmed down, and I rinsed my hands in the cold water from the tap, splashing water onto my face.'
  6. 'Look for a model with digital output temperature control, which delivers consistently hot water from the tap, regardless of flow rate.'
  7. 'Boil for one minute, then drain through a sieve and rinse under the cold tap.'
  8. 'Before hopping my way unsteadily to the bathroom where I managed to bend myself in ways I never thought possible to get my foot into the basin and under the cold tap!'
  9. 'He heard her turning the tap on, pouring cold water into the kettle.'
  10. 'For a long time it controlled the tap on how much surplus oil was entering the market.'
  11. 'Oil crooks there and elsewhere can find an unguarded length of pipe and make their own tap.'
  12. 'This power tap is connected to the expansion-slot rocker power switch which screws into a free PCI backpanel.'
  13. 'The power system doesn't like it but it compensates for it by changing the tap on the transformer.'
  14. 'By placing a tap in the primary winding, we could change the turns ratio so that with 456 volts input we could still get 120 volts output.'
A device connected to a telephone for listening secretly to someone's conversations.
  1. '"We intercepted a message on a wire tap that someone was coming here tonight - to your house."'
  2. 'It, theoretically, allowed for a certain degree of scrambling that would be too low tech for most agencies to hack into with placing an actual physical tap on the phone; and it was the physical access to corridor twelve that made this method of communication the most secure thing they had.'
  3. 'I have a police scanner and a tap on the police computers and phone lines.'
  4. '"But I have reason to believe now that there was a tap on not only these phones, but my line back at the loft, too."'
  5. 'So far, he has done precisely nothing - despite, as the telephone tap makes clear, having first-class intelligence.'
  6. 'He was found guilty on Monday of disclosing information, documents and details from phone taps in breach of the Official Secrets Act.'
  7. 'It was the first-ever tap of a private computer network under a 1968 crime act that set legal guidelines for wiretaps.'
An instrument for cutting a threaded hole in a material.
  1. 'Mount the oversize bushing tap in any tap handle, apply cutting oil and re-tap the grip frame bushing holes.'
  2. 'The surgeon uses a reamer and threaded tap to drill a hole to hold the titanium cage containing the bone graft.'
  3. 'Figure 31 shows the two main styles of tap for making internal threads in wood.'
  4. 'A bottoming tap is never used to cut threads in an unthreaded hole, as the cutting edges lack the taper required to successfully start into such a hole.'
  5. 'This is a hard narrow cone-shaped tool resembling a thread tap, except it has rough reverse threads on it.'
A taproom.


    Draw liquid through the tap or spout of (a cask, barrel, or other container)
    1. 'The event proceeded smoothly and the Keg was eventually tapped by two executives of the Federation of Students.'
    2. 'This reality was imposed on the citizens of Vratza who can now only freely wash or drink tapped water four hours a night.'
    3. 'And if you have a truly artisan brewery, the taste of the brew may vary from keg to keg, depending on when it was brewed and how long it has been tapped.'
    4. 'Back at the ranch, burgers and dogs are fired up, a keg of Old Dominion Pale Ale is tapped and points are tallied.'
    5. 'The early closing time of pubs meant that carousers were forced to gather at dusk in private homes, where the host would tap a barrel.'
    6. 'To the back of Adian lay a bar, with flasks and wooden kegs that were tapped for liquid stacked in every available place.'
    7. 'in the cellars of the monasteries the butlers were tapping new and old ale'
    8. 'President-elect George W. Bush has argued that the oil can be tapped without killing wildlife or marring the environment.'
    9. 'The water needed to be tapped from a reliable spring four miles away raising the cost of the scheme to £3,000 - to be paid by the householders.'
    10. 'The deep Israeli wells in the Jordan Valley have good water quality since they tap the Lower Cenomanian aquifer system.'
    11. 'This is not to say that if we tap and drain a deposit, it will somehow mysteriously fill up again.'
    12. 'My mother did rubber latex tapping for a meagre wage to feed us.'
    13. 'In summer they might have found fresh honey in the woods produced by wild bees or perhaps tapped maple trees in spring to harvest sweet sap.'
    14. 'Each tapper will tap about 650 trees a day where they spent perhaps a couple of minutes at each tree.'
    15. 'A rubber tree can be tapped regularly throughout the year and the tree remains productive for 30 to 40 years.'
    16. 'We had a 90-year-old neighbor whose six ‘kids’ would travel from all over the eastern U.S. to be there the day he tapped his first tree of the season.'
    17. 'Each family or group of families returned to a traditional location where they had stored utensils and had marked with an ax cut the trees they would tap.'
    18. 'Between 1910 and 1920, for example, the number of trees tapped for resin increased from 260,000 to 2,135,000.'
    19. 'Local bars in some towns and villages will also sell poyo the sweet, lightly fermented palm wine tapped from the high tops of palm trees.'
    Exploit or draw a supply from (a resource)
    1. no object 'these magazines have tapped into a target market of consumers'
    2. 'Germinating immediately, the seed sends out ‘rootlets’ to tap into the host tree's water supply.'
    3. 'The magazine aims to tap into the mobile phone subculture which has developed during the last five years.'
    4. 'This facility will be demonstrating how the research and skills base of the city's university can be tapped to produce real business returns.'
    5. 'But before any life existed, there must have been an energy source that could be tapped by primitive life forms.'
    6. 'Along the way, we realized how many potential resources were not being tapped for student training in our province.'
    7. 'We then tapped into the support from the Rural Fire Service.'
    8. 'The groundwater that is tapped into by wells on private lands is in fact a common resource, something nobody can effectively own.'
    9. 'You just can't ignore the dramatic way he and his party have tapped into a well of discontent in New Zealand - for better or worse.'
    10. 'Most homes and businesses tap into the water system illegally and pay no fees currently.'
    11. 'I was pretty good at it, though I say it myself, mainly as I soon tapped into the most effective teaching method for young learners - noise.'
    12. 'Tapping that information requires more analysts and translators.'
    13. 'Making our way to a city centre nightclub, the former frontman ordered the taxi driver to stop at a cash machine and tapped me for my last 100 euros.'
    14. 'Pittsburgh officials must tap tax-exempt organizations for more money in lieu of taxes.'
    15. 'That may happen, but even if it does, they'll still have the fallback of being able to tap him for a few million when needs must.'
    16. 'In the immediate aftermath of the events, the public may not have thought of libraries as a source to tap for relevant information.'
    17. 'Naturally, one of the distinct pleasures of meeting her is tapping her for anecdotes of this bygone era.'
    Connect a device to (a telephone) so that conversation can be listened to secretly.
    1. 'A Scanner is a device that is used to tap into cell phone conversations.'
    2. 'The police were given wider powers to tap phones, record other conversations and intercept mail, for periods of up to one year.'
    3. 'At least, my information will confuse whoever is listening or tapping my phone.'
    4. 'Yet its outcome will determine your right to privacy from your freedom to avoid telemarketers to the Government's ability to tap into your conversations.'
    5. 'And it is likely that there will be an effort to tap your hard-wired telephone as well - (more on that in a bit).'
    6. 'Hackers can intercept our e-mails and tap our telephone calls.'
    7. 'For really big cases, the agency buys expensive software from a telephone company to tap phones directly.'
    8. 'Illegal tapping is punishable by up to two years' imprisonment.'
    9. 'Their papers and computers were confiscated and, although they were released on bail, their telephones were tapped and they had to endure constant surveillance.'
    10. 'He began to wonder if his telephone was being tapped.'
    Cut a thread in (something) to accept a screw.
    1. 'Early models were not factory drilled and tapped, but it was a simple matter to do so.'
    2. 'I well remember what a tedious job it was to drill and tap a rifle receiver for a scope base, but tang sights often used existing holes and could be installed with ease.'
    3. 'It required only about 30 minutes to locate, drill and tap, deburr and then mount the new sight.'
    4. 'The standard 1-degree indexing table allows easy access to complex prismatic parts or to drill and tap holes in one setup.'
    5. 'All of the guns are factory drilled and tapped for tang sights from either Lyman or Marble.'
    6. 'The Miniloaders sport a Monte Carlo-style stock and are drilled and tapped to accept a scope mount base.'
    7. 'While we had the spindle out of the planer, we decided to drill and tap the other two sides of the square cutter head, so four blades could be mounted if needed.'
    8. 'I've urged the company to drill and tap the receiver for a Lyman or Williams receiver peep sight.'
    9. 'Drilling and tapping the tough steel of a receiver, while keeping the holes straight and aligned, is a task for a good machinist.'
    10. 'For this I had to drill holes in the frame and tap them so the screws turn in the frame.'

    More definitions

    1. to strike with a light but audible blow or blows; hit with repeated, slight blows: He tapped the door twice.

    2. to make, put, etc., by tapping: to tap a nail into a wall.

    3. to strike (the fingers, a foot, a pencil, etc.) upon or against something, especially with repeated light blows: Stop tapping your feet!

    4. Basketball. to strike (a ball in the air) in the direction of a teammate or of the basket.

    5. to enter information or produce c

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    "corps can be tapped."

    "calls can be tapped."

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    (tap)Old English tæppa ‘peg for the vent-hole of a cask’, tæppian ‘provide (a cask) with a stopper’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch tap and German Zapfen (nouns).


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