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Of great or more than average height, especially (with reference to an object) relative to width.
  1. 'a tall glass of iced tea'
  2. 'Apart from Damian, there is no one I would not trust to hold the bottom of a tall ladder or to own a weapon.'
  3. 'He looked like he needed a nap and a tall glass of ice water, but that would have to wait.'
  4. 'They all looked to see a tall pillar of smoke rising in the not-too distant distance.'
  5. 'Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?'
  6. 'In his right hand was a plate of food and in the other a tall glass of orange juice.'
  7. 'There was no one there, except for a tall figure standing by in the distance.'
  8. 'Water will trickle audibly here and there, and there'll be the gentle swish of bamboo and tall grasses.'
  9. 'With no tall buildings nearby to obstruct your sight, you can see for miles around.'
  10. 'Nearby will be a tall transparent wall of glass sited in a reflecting pool and illuminated with blue light.'
  11. 'The grass was tall enough to hide a horse and waved in the breeze like a wind-roiled sea.'
  12. 'how tall are you?'
  13. 'The third is described as six feet tall, in his mid-twenties with short dark hair and possibly a moustache.'
  14. 'The other one was a couple of inches taller with dark hair.'
  15. 'He is described as about 6ft tall, medium to thin build, with black and shaven hair.'
  16. 'Only around ten centimeters taller than him, the older kid looked fairly nasty.'
  17. 'One of the youths is described as about 6ft tall with ginger hair and wearing a light blue top.'
  18. 'The 4ft 5in tall boy was disqualified from driving following a motoring offence in December last year.'
  19. 'Individuals may be 1-1.4 m tall at the shoulders.'
  20. 'In 1999 we constructed a small prototype of this clock, approximately two meters tall.'
  21. 'The steel glasses were 3 feet tall and you wonder how all of it fit into one person.'
  22. 'The warm water felt good, and waves were up to two meters tall.'


1. having a relatively great height; of more than average stature: a tall woman; tall grass.

2. having stature or height as specified: a man six feet tall.

3. large in amount or degree; considerable: a tall price; Swinging that deal is a tall order.

4. extravagant; difficult to believe: a tall tale.

5. high-flown; grandiloquent: He engages in so much tall talk, one never really knows what he's saying.

6. having more than usual length; long and rel

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"people can be tall with hairs."

"people can be tall for ages."

"people can be tall as people."

"people can be tall with moustaches."

"people can be tall with faces."

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Late Middle English: probably from Old English getæl ‘swift, prompt’. Early senses also included ‘fine, handsome’ and ‘bold, strong, good at fighting’.


a tall order
a tall story (or tale)
walk (or stand) tall