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(chiefly of vapour) containing or derived from sulphur.
  1. 'Alchemical treatises frequently warned of the hazards of working with sulphurous exhalations and volatile chemicals.'
  2. 'Waste tyres represent a significant fire risk, which can cause atmospheric pollution through the release of thick clouds of sulphurous black smoke.'
  3. 'A recent study published in New Scientist magazine draws a direct link between sulfurous fumes from US smokestacks and 30 years of drought in Africa.'
  4. 'The resultant smoke discharge, together with the palls of sulphurous emissions from the smokestacks of city industry, the lack of wind and the freezing air, resulted in a choking layer of smog that blanketed London.'
  5. 'Experts probed the origin of the sulphurous smell which appeared at the beginning of February after calls from worried Benfleet and Canvey residents who were left spluttering.'
  6. 'The vile stench of sulphurous gas pervading a world of darkness broken only by a dull red glow on a distant, invisible horizon.'
  7. 'Passing through plumes of evil-smelling sulphurous smoke and steam, they finally encountered daylight, and emerged from the gaping maw of a volcanic cone.'
  8. 'The air is filled with sulphurous gas, the streets are covered with debris from fireworks and rivers are defiled by chemicals.'
  9. 'The hot thermal pools are fringed by extraordinarily colourful mineral deposits, while sulphurous steam percolates all around.'
  10. 'Hot, sulfurous gases waft from vents in the earth, kill trees, drive away wildlife, and sometimes threaten people's lives.'
  11. 'sulphurous yellow lichen'
  12. 'In their metamorphosis they pass easily from sandy beige to sulfurous beige, then to amber yellow.'
  13. 'An upthrust mountain at center is bathed in an explosion of sulfurous yellow rising above a vaporous veil of green, with the pale-lavender light of something like moonrise off to the right.'
Marked by anger or profanity.
  1. 'He is reticent and looks a little embarrassed at the horrible, sulphurous reality of hobnobbing with the most evil man in the world.'
  2. 'Even the great Mariette Pacha, father of ‘serious’ Egyptology, drew for Aida costumes that were on the sulfurous side, such as baboons at the feet of Radames!'
  3. 'But when the awkward experiment with new language brings no instant reward, he too would retreat to the comfort zone where the Tories fought the last election - in sulphurous clouds of fear, crime, immigration, Europe and mayhem.'
  4. 'When that brave soldier, Milo Corcoran, ventures out to greet the teams on Tuesday evening, the reception from the stands is likely to be sulphurous.'
  5. 'But, according to Charles Powell, Mrs Thatcher's foreign policy adviser, Mitterrand was sulphurous in his suspicion of Germany whenever the two leaders spoke privately.'


1. sulfurous (defs 1, 2).

2. pertaining to the fires of hell; hellish or satanic.

3. fiery or heated.

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"fumes can be sulphurous."

"waters can be sulphurous."

"gases can be sulphurous."

"odours can be sulphurous."

"fuels can be sulphurous."

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Late Middle English: from Latin sulphurosus, from sulphur (see sulphur).