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Tending to suggest an idea.
  1. 'The piece is suggestive rather than explicit, and passive in the way it interacts with or on the audience.'
  2. 'Powers sifts psychological and historical evidence in a suggestive but inconclusive search for convincing connections.'
  3. 'Accordingly, there is suggestive evidence that intentions, and factors associated with the growth intention, may vary by gender.'
  4. 'As part of some larger argument or larger body of evidence this might be suggestive evidence.'
  5. 'There was suggestive but inconclusive evidence that predation rates also declined with increasing wave forces.'
  6. 'Since then, studies in transgenic mice have produced suggestive evidence that a link exists.'
  7. 'Another suggestive piece of evidence is comparison with dogs that remain on the other side of the long vanished Asia-North America land connection.'
  8. 'The normalized deviate of the ratio trait also demonstrated suggestive evidence of linkage in this region with a LOD of 2.63.'
  9. 'The regulations adopted in Shanghai will provide suggestive ideas for national AIDS legislation.'
  10. 'But Walsh believes the sheer volume of suggestive evidence makes it convincing.'
  11. 'flavourssuggestive of coffee and blackberry'
  12. 'Steel cables are more typically found on boats and the hanging spheres are suggestive of the ingenious way the small spaces in cabins are kitted out.'
  13. 'Her photographs are staged and suggestive of narrative and literature, focusing mainly on female characters.'
  14. 'Several patients continued taking alendronate after the occurrence of symptoms suggestive of esophageal irritation.'
  15. 'The canker is suggestive of the character weaknesses, hurtful habits and secret sins that lurk below the surface of our respectability until exposed by extreme stress.'
  16. 'Baseline information included questions about symptoms suggestive of asthma as well as any confirmed diagnosis of the condition.'
  17. 'Low-dose treatment should not be used in patients with symptoms suggestive of temporal arteritis.'
  18. 'The fragmented pieces of captured text are projected onto a blank white wall to create subtly shifting images suggestive of bygone worlds.'
  19. 'Symptoms suggestive of LV failure are related primarily to pulmonary edema, and include a persistent cough and dyspnea.'
  20. 'The palatial swagger of Vanbrugh's Castle Howard is suggestive of its patron's pride in the lineage of the Howard family and its place in history.'
  21. 'Electrolyte levels should be monitored, and patients should report any signs or symptoms suggestive of electrolyte imbalance.'
  22. 'But Davis is said to have continued his harassment by sending a sexually suggestive letter to the officer from his new prison.'
  23. 'She describes these rages as often provoked by strangers on the street who whistle at her or make some sexually suggestive remark.'
  24. 'Through Lowson's kitchen window we see an anatomically suggestive, sexually charged landscape, and so it is with many of these poems.'
  25. 'They claimed the poster was ‘indecent, sexually suggestive and demeaning to men’.'
  26. 'Sexually suggestive graffiti was also scrawled on the school walls.'
  27. 'Films oscillate between sensuality and vulgarity, between suggestive sexuality and indecent exposure.'
  28. 'Exposing children to the sexually suggestive gyrations seen in most film songs is actually sex abuse in the case of a child, says Dr. John.'
  29. 'The couple had stepped into the gallery briefly and the suggestive subject matter of the art on the walls caused an abrupt about face.'
  30. 'A driver who left a woman passenger terror stricken when he drove her past her home also lost his licence, as did a driver who made sexually suggestive remarks to a passenger.'
  31. 'A suggestive remark such as that would usually make me smack the person on the face.'


1. that suggests; referring to other thoughts, persons, etc.: His recommendation was suggestive of his boss's thinking.

2. rich in suggestions or ideas: a suggestive critical essay.

3. evocative; presented partially rather than in detail.

4. that suggests or implies something improper or indecent; risqué: suggestive remarks.

More examples(as adjective)

"stones can be suggestive of sorts."

"variabilities can be suggestive for ways."

"subdueds can be suggestive of trends."

"roles can be suggestive of agencies."

"rises can be suggestive of sexes."

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