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Following one another or following others.
  1. 'This was their ninth successive win and it took them to the top of Division Two.'
  2. 'This was a great way to start a year that will hopefully see the boys win their third successive title.'
  3. 'It was his third successive tournament triumph after winning on grass at Halle and Wimbledon.'
  4. 'York will be bidding for a third successive win following victories at Hull and at home to Horden last week.'
  5. 'This is the second successive win for this horse who is proving to be a right good one.'
  6. 'For the third successive year the centre had won the Gradam award for the best run centre.'
  7. 'They are in a strong position this term, however, having clocked up eight successive wins.'
  8. 'If Congs continue in this vein it will be a brave man who bets against them winning a fourth successive title.'
  9. 'Joel has already won the West Yorkshire race series with three successive wins.'
  10. 'London routed hapless Halifax to record their third successive Super League home win.'


1. following in order or in uninterrupted sequence; consecutive: three successive days.

2. following another in a regular sequence: the second successive day.

3. characterized by or involving succession.

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"people can be successive in/at/on quarters."

"governments can be successive."

"years can be successive."

"days can be successive."

"months can be successive."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin successivus, from success- ‘followed closely’, from the verb succedere (see succeed).