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(of a person or their body) strongly and solidly built.
  1. 'Under the firmly delineated garments, a compact, sturdy body makes its presence felt.'
  2. 'A sturdy people, the Dogras are divided into several castes and classes.'
  3. 'It is a square-proportioned dog with a compact, sturdy body.'
  4. 'He looked about in boredom, gaze falling up to the helm, where he found the sturdy figure of his father's first mate stood.'
  5. 'He was sturdy and well built, but quick on his feet.'
  6. 'Aidan was five, a sturdy boy with chubby arms and legs.'
  7. 'The bridge certainly dates back to the days when all trade goods in Britain were transported on the backs of small, sturdy horses, led by equally sturdy men across the wild parts.'
  8. 'She would hide her head in the embrace of his arms, leaning against his sturdy body, and they would hold each other in their sleep and wake up in a completely different position.'
  9. 'He's a sturdy kid who prefers to stand tall instead of move around, but he fled several times against North Carolina when the heat was coming.'
  10. 'She has a glossy blonde bob, a dazzling-white smile, a well-honed but sturdy figure, and so much energy that you could probably plug her into the National Grid if there was a power cut.'
  11. 'the bike is sturdy enough to cope with bumpy tracks'
  12. 'The boat had to be sturdy enough to withstand 40 days and nights of rain.'
  13. 'The structure is also sturdy enough to serve as long-term housing.'
  14. 'Nylon is sturdy enough to withstand outdoor rigors like sun and wind, but light enough to be free floating.'
  15. 'It was a nice one, made from strong wood and thatch, sturdy enough to withstand an Avalon hurricane, even with its second story.'
  16. 'Both sides of this versatile trellis are used, and it can be made sturdy enough to support heavy crops such as gourds and pumpkins.'
  17. 'It was sturdy enough to carry an entire family, a substantial piece of furniture or a pig, strapped to the carrier on the back.'
  18. 'Many of these brick structures were built sturdy enough to withstand the reigns of terror by the Russian civil war, the Soviet regime, and the world war.'
  19. 'Road bikes are fast on the road, but not sturdy enough for off-road riding.'
  20. 'Linings, on the other hand, must be strong and comfortable as well - strong to withstand the sturdy boots and comfortable to the riders senses.'
  21. 'Most of the planks had gaping holes in them or were completely gone, but the two main beams running from bank to bank looked sturdy enough to walk on.'
  22. 'In my case it was Barnacarroll and there was no moaning about the walk just a sturdy determination to get on with it and be there for the great occasion.'
  23. 'Far from old heads themselves, they defend from the front but are blessed with a sturdy and determined back line that is as resolute as it is brave.'
  24. 'Because of her sturdy intellectual independence and integrity, Ravitch exempts no sect, ideology, or school from failure and folly.'
  25. 'The county had a reputation for sturdy independency.'


Vertigo in sheep caused by a tapeworm larva encysted in the brain.


    1. strongly built; stalwart; robust: sturdy young athletes.

    2. strong, as in substance, construction, or texture: sturdy walls.

    3. firm; courageous; indomitable: the sturdy defenders of the Alamo.

    4. of strong or hardy growth, as a plant.

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    "winters can be sturdy as stands."

    "volumes can be sturdy at markkas."

    "timbers can be sturdy in glooms."

    "supports can be sturdy with bars."

    "places can be sturdy in places."

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    (sturdy)Middle English (in the senses ‘reckless, violent’ and ‘intractable, obstinate’): shortening of Old French esturdi ‘stunned, dazed’. The derivation remains obscure; thought by some to be based on Latin turdus ‘a thrush’ (compare with the French phrase soûl comme une grive ‘drunk as a thrush’).