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Play in golf in which the score is reckoned by counting the number of strokes taken overall.
  1. 'This costs her the hole in match play or a two-stroke penalty in stroke play.'
  2. 'In an attempt to cope with slow play, ‘continuous putting’ is introduced in stroke play.'
  3. 'Because match play is so different than stroke play, you want experience on your side.'
  4. 'In stroke play, that's a two-stroke penalty; in match play, the penalty is loss of hole.'
  5. 'By waiving them, you waive the right to keep score in stroke play and to win the hole in match play.'
  6. 'The next morning it was off to Nichigo Resort and Golf Club for a Day 1 stroke play competition.'
  7. 'The competition covered the three permutations of the 27-hole layout in two days of Stableford and a middle day of stroke play.'
  8. 'You're playing stroke play on a great golf course.'
  9. 'The thing to know about the honor is its application in stroke play vs. match play.'
  10. 'It's been said stroke play is a truer test of golf while match play is a truer test of character.'

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1. medal play.

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"titles can be strokeplay."

"golfs can be strokeplay."

"champions can be strokeplay."


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