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Uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.
  1. 'An afternoon punting on the Cam in the sunshine seems a straightforward enough pleasure.'
  2. 'Dispassionate analysis of American politics is neither easy nor straightforward.'
  3. 'The concept appears straightforward, but the results are surprisingly hypnotic and poetic.'
  4. 'You would think that this sort of routine operation would be simple and straightforward.'
  5. 'In the past, having people round for dinner was relatively straightforward.'
  6. 'They would have felt easier with a straightforward repayment loan, where each month the debt reduced.'
  7. 'Knowing when to stop is not an easy or straightforward matter in ethnography.'
  8. 'Ask them about their ambitions and what you get is honest, straightforward answers.'
  9. 'I find that his evidence was given in a very thoughtful and straightforward fashion.'
  10. 'The routine medical management of these individuals is usually straightforward.'
  11. 'a straightforward young man'
  12. 'Men are intensely straightforward and logical beings, and they find this confusing.'
  13. 'They are honest and straightforward with others and expect the same in return.'
  14. 'Kenneth was trying to hint, but Jessica was more straightforward than the rest of them.'
  15. 'He is the stroppiest and the most straightforward, and the most handsome.'


1. going or directed straight ahead: a straightforward gaze.

2. direct; not roundabout: a straightforward approach to a problem.

3. free from crookedness or deceit; honest: straightforward in one's dealings. adverb

4. Also, straightforwards. straight ahead; directly or continuously forward.

More examples(as adjective)

"units can be straightforward to uses."

"taxes can be straightforward to levies."

"tasks can be straightforward in tilths."

"retreats can be straightforward to snows."

"problems can be straightforward in towns."

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