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Extending or moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend.
  1. 'In fact, almost the whole way from Kiev we encountered few cars along the wide, forest-lined, straight road.'
  2. 'Two cars start off at the same point on a straight highway facing opposite directions.'
  3. 'Kneel on all fours with arms straight and wrists in line with shoulders.'
  4. 'The roads were straight and empty, and coconut trees still dominated the landscape.'
  5. 'He says because it is a long straight road motorists are ignoring the speed limit.'
  6. 'As the bus pelts towards Paramaribo past scattered dwellings on a dead straight road, I'm reminded of home.'
  7. 'What surprises me is how often they appear beside a straight piece of road.'
  8. 'There are straight stretches and sharp bends and that is why there are so many fatalities on that road.'
  9. 'The road is now straight, a highway surrounded by farms and the occasional factory.'
  10. 'Martin had brought them back into the City via Westgate road again, because it was a nice straight route that he liked despite its ups and downs.'
  11. 'What name is given to the effect that causes a straight stick to appear bent when we put part of its length under water?'
  12. 'At the end of the straight section, the road bends to the right and appears to go down slightly.'
  13. 'My hair was straight and hung about two inches over my shoulders; not long and shiny like my sister's locks.'
  14. 'My hair was straight naturally, so I usually didn't do anything with it; I liked it the way it was.'
  15. 'I have long, straight hair and I don't want it to be curly so please keep that in mind.'
  16. 'The men wear their long straight hair in braids and wear blue ponchos and white pants.'
  17. 'Her long, straight hair fell over her shoulders in a smooth curtain to her waist and framed her face with a startling effect.'
  18. 'Her straight hair is tied in a ponytail and her eye shadow looks fresh.'
  19. 'She admits to feeling jealous of her younger brother's darker skin, thick straight hair and wide brown eyes.'
  20. 'The biggest problem with having thin, straight hair is its evident lack of volume.'
  21. 'She was certainly pretty, with straight hair down to her lower back, perfectly brushed.'
  22. 'Her hair was naturally straight so there was no reason to brush it.'
  23. 'With her thick, straight hair and tanned skin, she really could be Olivia's sister.'
  24. 'The waitresses wear authentic Thai clothes and look elegant in their long straight skirts and blouses in silks of every hue of the rainbow.'
  25. 'They wore satin dresses with scalloped bodices and straight skirts and carried cream and cerise roses.'
  26. 'I have trouble finding jeans that have a straight leg and high waist.'
  27. 'Some wear navy printed straight skirts with embroidered shoes and embroidered scarves on their heads.'
  28. 'The bride, given in marriage by her father Sean, looked radiant in a white satin, long sleeved straight dress, with a long train.'
  29. 'Denise reappeared, wearing a straight blue skirt, trying to compose herself but still looking very embarrassed.'
  30. 'There was apparently to be a return to popularity of the three-quarter tunic buttoning down the back and the straight skirt.'
  31. 'Women wear a straight black skirt with a slit through which can be seen layers and layers of white lace.'
  32. 'The straight black skirt made her legs longer and her hips curvier; it showed her figure.'
  33. 'They are weird stubby boats, and you have to do a lot more work to propel and keep them on a straight course through the water.'
  34. 'Use a line of tiles or lights or other markings on the ceiling to help you set a straight course.'
  35. 'Reduced to a crawl, it wandered in circles, unable to set a straight course.'
  36. 'Why is it that when you stop paddling a kayak, it turns sharply instead of maintaining a straight course?'
  37. 'The path's course discourages visitors from taking a straight route to the pavilion.'
  38. 'The tip of the weapon should form a straight trajectory to a point on the target.'
  39. 'The driver shouted as he changed his straight course and headed directly at Mac.'
  40. 'The tip of his knife drew a line from the base of the palm following a straight course up.'
  41. 'They are open to body blows in the midriff and lack the ability to throw straight punches.'
  42. 'One finds more precise straight lines in geometry than in kinematics.'
  43. 'The formula also applies to configurations in which one or two of the touching circles are replaced by straight lines.'
  44. 'On this is an arrangement of straight lines, circles and semi-circles.'
  45. 'Each of the four straight arches is flanked on either side by an engaged Doric column and surmounted by an entablature.'
  46. 'A flat arch, also known as jack or straight arch, extends straight across an opening with no curvature, creating a horizontal emphasis.'
Properly positioned so as to be level, upright, or symmetrical.
  1. 'In order to cast it, the arm has to be straight and the fingers flexed.'
  2. 'I dressed with care, making sure my tie was straight and my shirt-tail was tucked into my slacks.'
  3. 'She walked up to me and straightened the already straight collar of my tuxedo jacket.'
  4. 'The goal is to make your spine mostly straight and aligned while you rest.'
  5. 'Before each journey: check that the car seat straps are straight and properly adjusted to allow for the thickness of your child's clothes.'
  6. 'Taking a deep breath she checked her skirt was straight, brushed one strand of hair behind her ear and exhaled.'
  7. 'it'll take a long time to get the place straight'
  8. 'It took eight solid hours of cleaning to get the place straight.'
Not evasive; honest.
  1. 'thank you for being straight with me'
  2. 'But the people he deals with are all evasive to the point that he can't get a straight answer.'
  3. 'Long ago, I promised myself that I would always give my children a straight answer whenever they asked anything of me.'
  4. 'Rosemary asked him what the problem was but she could not get a straight answer from him.'
  5. 'I have a lot of respect for him because he was always straight with me.'
  6. 'But this is one time when no one should accept not getting a straight answer.'
  7. 'By contrast, in the run-up to the war, he appeared to be straight, direct and sincere.'
  8. 'They refused to give straight answers to many of his questions, often citing reasons of national security.'
  9. 'It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no grudges and no problems.'
  10. 'Whilst not everyone will agree with what he says, they will respect his conviction, his honesty and his straight talking.'
  11. 'But one thing I did notice: in interviews, Clarke is refreshingly good at giving a straight answer.'
  12. 'a straight choice between nuclear power and penury'
  13. 'For now it seems like a straight choice: pay more in tax for a better service for all, or pay more privately to ensure your personal health.'
  14. 'A straight biography would have been a more obvious project to undertake.'
  15. 'Sceptics point out that the poll only offered a straight choice between Whitehall and regional rule, and left out the option of more local control.'
  16. 'They're the ones that people in the industry know and recognise as the straight journalism courses.'
  17. 'But give me a straight choice between this and the economics of the jungle that is fair trade, and I will choose the present system.'
  18. 'In the eyes of our leaders there is a straight choice to be made by everyone.'
  19. 'He said on Friday that if he had been given a straight choice between the Scotland job and the Leicester one, he would have taken the latter.'
  20. 'he gave her a straight, no-nonsense look'
  21. 'The straight looks and answers she gives when asked about her ambitions leave no doubt that she thinks the sacrifice was worth it.'
  22. 'The book combined good writing with straight thinking, and it would be a success, he predicted.'
In continuous succession.
  1. 'In fact, this was Clyde's seventh straight win over Stirling in the space of just 18 months.'
  2. 'In Minneapolis, Mark Buehrle won his third straight start with a five-hitter as Chicago beat Minnesota.'
  3. 'The Blues dominated the first-half, looking for their fifth straight win in succession at Vicarage Park.'
  4. 'He offered his party the hope of winning a third straight election - an unprecedented achievement for the Labour Party.'
  5. 'Andy Newsome converted and Malton looked to be heading towards a fourth straight win.'
  6. 'The Washington Nationals won their sixth straight baseball game last night.'
  7. 'Five goals from Darren Todd helped Fulford to their sixth straight win as they beat Heworth 7-1.'
  8. 'Bruges would then become the first club ever to win 14 straight matches at the beginning of a Belgian league season.'
  9. 'Nestlé Rowntree registered their fifth straight win as they thrashed Wilberfoss 5-0.'
  10. 'Their third win in five games, looks to have ensured safety from relegation, as is the case for Cross Keys after a third straight win.'
  11. 'After losing the first game, the Warriors responded by taking three straight games, winning the match.'
  12. 'A run of seven straight wins was followed by three defeats going into yesterday's match.'
(of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat.
  1. 'That makes it more difficult for employees to hide beer, wine, or straight liquor in a Styrofoam cup or shaded glass.'
  2. 'Holding the bottle by the neck she took her first sip; it tasted of blackberries, but mostly of straight liquor.'
  3. 'Grey and Flanagan nodded and watched as O'Hara proceeded to pour not just a shot, but a full glass of straight whisky.'
  4. 'Before he can order, a straight shot of whiskey is dropped in front of him.'
  5. 'He said that since the shutdown, bartenders cannot serve straight alcohol.'
(especially of drama) serious as opposed to comic or musical.
  1. 'This part of the film develops slowly, and is predominantly a straight drama.'
  2. 'You know, I was hired to be the straight woman for all these funny people.'
  3. 'He has played comedy roles and straight roles and done voiceovers.'
  4. 'He had been seen in one variety programme, one straight play and once on the panel of ‘What's my line?’'
  5. 'Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Howard performed in straight plays on both sides of the Atlantic.'
  6. 'It's a great experience as there is a lot more latitude but I actually prefer dramas and straight thrillers.'
(of a person) conventional or respectable.
  1. 'They're so straight, some of these people, that you can see how stressed they are when it comes to asking for cannabis.'
  2. 'They are straight, decent guys; unassuming and happy to take whatever slings and arrows are on the pitch.'
  3. 'The last event drew between 30 and 40 straight people, out of a crowd of about 150.'
  4. 'I mean, I love being me and part of that is being bi, and I presume straight people feel the same about their straightness.'
  5. 'The fact is that gay people can serve their country just as bravely as straight people can, and thousands of them have.'
  6. 'I'm sick of hearing homophobic straight people talking about fags.'
  7. 'It's ridiculous, because it doesn't work for straight people.'
  8. 'Privileged straight people rarely ever believe you if you tell them that so many kids get kicked out for being gay.'
  9. 'And gay people are no more immune to this accusation than are straight people.'
  10. 'That's what jealous straight people will do to spoil our happiness.'
  11. 'As you'd expect, it's more common for people to think gay men are straight than vice versa and that's often happened to me.'
  12. 'It's far too easy to grow up as a gay man convinced that the best thing all round is to be straight.'
  13. 'The fact of the matter is that gay people are just like straight people.'


In a straight line; directly.
  1. 'keep straight on'
  2. 'He is still a charming talker who looks you straight in the eye as he languidly spins out his stories about growing up in Mexico, which he considers his spiritual home.'
  3. 'Follow the road straight on through the village passing the church on your left then follow Bankwell Road straight on.'
  4. 'Her heart almost skipped a beat as she saw him turn around and look her straight in the eye, his face beaming with a somewhat demure smile.'
  5. 'Everyone waited and watched as the person just rode straight on at a fast pace, never stopping to look at them or anything.'
  6. 'He picked up his bit of paper but before he could read anything, looked straight at Mario, and was promptly overcome by a fit of the giggles.'
  7. 'I don't know how everyone else uses their computer but I sit with my hands on the keyboard and looking straight at the monitor.'
  8. 'Just after my first pitstop my steering developed a problem which meant that whenever I was driving straight it was pulling to the left.'
  9. 'I looked straight at my screen all day, but was distracted by a faint sniff sniff sniff coming from a nearby desk.'
  10. 'He leaned back against the counter, sitting with his legs straight in front of him.'
  11. 'She poured the rubbing alcohol straight on the wound, and let a scream escape her lips as it stung terribly.'
  12. '‘I looked him straight in the eye and asked him if he expected me to fish the money out of the ocean,’ she recalled.'
  13. 'To stretch your hamstrings, sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.'
  14. 'Well, you've got to look them straight in the eye and tell them why they shouldn't quit.'
  15. 'My therapist then paused from her writing, and looked me straight in the eye.'
  16. 'I fell into bed and went straight to sleep'
  17. 'Miss Reilly was straight out of college, all pebble glasses, big hair and tie-dyed clothes.'
  18. 'I can only imagine it would be really superb straight out of the oven.'
  19. 'Scoop the mixture into the cake tin, smooth the top level and put straight into the oven.'
  20. 'Just order all the personal information you want straight from the data miners themselves.'
  21. 'I grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom, looking down, and ran straight into an assistant principal.'
  22. 'He was referred straight to Leeds General Infirmary and had an operation to correct the fault.'
  23. 'After Saturday's game the manager was straight on the phone looking for loan players - but the injuries have eased.'
  24. 'And, unlike many, it is ready to use straight from the box, thus avoiding frustrating delays.'
  25. 'I couldn't follow his flawed logic and I ordered him to drive straight there.'
In or into a level, even, or upright position.
  1. 'sit up straight!'
  2. 'Before he was even able to stand up straight he pulled her over towards an awaiting wagon.'
  3. 'Harry pulled the child's legs out straight and pushed his robes aside so that he could remove the dressings on his cut again.'
  4. 'Planes had to fly level and straight to maximise chances of hitting the target.'
Correctly; clearly.
  1. 'Europeans have to think straight, to talk honestly and recognise their commonality.'
  2. 'When we are emotionally upset and complain that we can no longer think straight we are in fact quite correct.'
  3. 'I told her straight—the kid's right'
  4. 'I think just tell them straight that you cannot take up their job offer.'
Without a break; continuously.
  1. 'The adrenaline is running through your body for almost eight hours straight and when you are done you crash, and you crash hard.'
  2. 'She would sometimes work ten hours straight on the weekends then take an hour off and work a little more.'
  3. 'The way it is now I'd have to work four more hours a day for six whole days straight to get together enough for a month's rent.'
  4. 'When my back and knees allow it, I will dance for many hours straight.'
  5. 'We left the system on continuously for several days straight without any problem.'
  6. 'I looked at my watch and was startled to see I had slept for twenty-four hours straight.'
  7. 'After all, as things were going back home, he hadn't slept for three days straight.'
  8. 'All I can think about right now is getting back into bed and sleeping for two weeks straight.'
  9. 'At the first US checkpoint, the soldiers said they'd been there for thirty hours straight.'
  10. 'Imagine working for five years straight on a book and getting no income until year six, when you put the book on sale and all the cash starts rolling in as your effort pays off.'
  11. 'Who'd want to type for two hours straight only to get a fifteen-minute break?'


1. without a bend, angle, or curve; not curved; direct: a straight path.

2. exactly vertical or horizontal; in a perfectly vertical or horizontal plane: a straight table.

3. (of a line) generated by a point moving at a constant velocity with respect to another point.

4. evenly or uprightly formed or set: straight shoulders.

5. without circumlocution; frank; candid: straight speaking.

6. honest, honorable, or upright, as conduct, dealings, met

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