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Broad and sturdily built.
  1. 'One had long unkempt hair and badly rotting teeth; the other was short, stocky and dressed in a clean tracksuit.'
  2. 'In all reality, he actually carried the weight very well on his stocky body.'
  3. 'He always had a bit of an inferiority complex because he's smaller, but he was very broad and stocky.'
  4. 'He said a stocky man, aged about 30, approached one of the girls as she stood on the bank of the brook while her friend was on the swing.'
  5. 'Then a stocky built lad appeared and started doing triple summersaults and all manner of spectacular dives.'
  6. 'The man caught on CCTV footage is described as of fairly stocky build, wearing a hooded top under a dark overcoat.'
  7. 'Not far from me a stocky, no-nonsense, suntanned man was watching with an unamused face.'
  8. 'He said he was stocky, not too tall, very broad shouldered and middle-aged.'
  9. 'Now police are appealing for information about the man, who was in his 50s, white, stocky and tall.'
  10. 'Not the squat, stocky Napoleon we recognise today, but a young, handsome neo-classical hero.'


1. of solid and sturdy form or build; thick-set and, usually, short.

2. having a strong, stout stem, as a plant.

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"people can be stocky in wests."

"people can be stocky for obesities."

"people can be stocky."

"builds can be stocky."

"professors can be stocky."

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