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Walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall.
  1. 'Anthony staggered before falling backwards onto the floor.'
  2. 'No doubt about it, he swayed and staggered when he walked.'
  3. 'He staggers to his feet and walks back the way he came.'
  4. 'He grunted and staggered back before falling to the ground, dead.'
  5. 'I cried out in pain, staggering back and falling on my back to the ground.'
  6. 'He'd be staggering and falling over and sometimes there was a gang of kids following and poking fun and laughing.'
  7. 'Adam withdrew his hand and stepped back and clenched his fist and as Joe sprung at him he threw a punch that sent Joe staggering backwards and falling back into the dirt.'
  8. 'They fall into taxis or stagger happily on down to the Nitelink bus and sing all the way home.'
  9. 'When he halted he appeared unsteady on his feet and staggered away from his car.'
  10. 'The couple ahead of him staggered as his weight fell on their backs.'
  11. 'the treasury staggered from one crisis to the next'
  12. 'Are their provisions for the protection of members, a safety net of sorts, should the investment bank stagger, or worse, collapse?'
  13. 'A succession of weak Prime Ministers and lack-lustre governments saw the country stagger from bad to worse.'
  14. 'Perhaps some feline bureaucrat has concluded that the best answer is to let the proposal stagger on and collapse, hoping to kill it with kindness?'
  15. 'Kanyanta could have knocked out his opponent but Hara stood his ground even after being decked by hard blows to the head that only staggered him.'
  16. 'Ryu's world exploded into stars as the blow connected with the side of his head, staggering him.'
  17. 'Babaev was on the canvas twice in the third before a big right to the side of the head staggered him and prompted referee Richie Davies to call a halt.'
Astonish or deeply shock.
  1. 'the staggering bills for maintenance and repair'
  2. 'Wilson is determined to stun and stagger us with the knowledge of how little we know, how much we have only just begun to discover.'
  3. 'The sheer breadth of these studies can stagger the imagination, ranging across continents for specific forces of ecological and historical change.'
  4. 'I am quite staggered at the way in which this bill is proceeding.'
  5. 'Along the way, even those of us well versed in some of the more astonishing feats of animal cognition will be staggered.'
  6. 'Consumption of Merlot continues to stagger producers who struggle to cope with demand.'
  7. 'Residents were staggered when yellow lines were painted in a village near York - and then removed less than 48 hours later.'
  8. 'Truly staggering amounts of money, from a variety of well-meaning friends, disappeared into his labyrinthine system of debts, leaving nothing to show.'
  9. 'In addition to the college's own teaching staff, chefs from Yorkshire's staggering array of restaurants offering international food will help to train students in the key skills.'
  10. 'He had, they insisted, slightly misquoted a staggering number of lines.'
  11. 'Third, though, is the most staggering number of all - 188 pounds, her weight when she began training five years ago.'
Arrange (events, payments, hours, etc.) so that they do not occur at the same time.
  1. 'Though the costs paid to those in the network are exorbitant, it guarantees safety and allows payment to be staggered over time.'
  2. 'Fortunately, the Government had agreed to allow country folk to stagger such payments until things recovered.'
  3. 'The plan to relieve congestion by staggering working hours is sound but it would need the full co-operation of businesses large and small, which might prove difficult.'
  4. 'The performance areas are contiguous and the two sectors stagger their performances so that spectators must run back and forth between the playing grounds to view the spectacle.'
  5. 'Elections are staggered so the Board never is composed completely of new members.'
  6. 'There will be staggered starts, about five minutes apart, for each of the different classes.'
  7. 'The curator, Anthony Gross, has staggered the screenings in order to show as many films as possible in two weeks.'
  8. 'He also suggested staggered opening hours of entertainment venues was useful in controlling crowds.'
  9. 'Germany, like several other European nations, staggers the start of its school holidays in different areas.'
  10. 'Ministers have discussed staggering teaching hours to ease rush-hour road congestion.'
  11. 'stagger the screws at each joint'
  12. 'If you are running four rods, it is a good idea to cover a few different depths by staggering lines every 15 to 20 feet until you begin to hit fish.'
  13. 'The rear shocks have been staggered, one fixed forward from the axle, the other one tilting back.'
  14. 'It works by staggering the tags that surround your posts.'
  15. 'Although strictly a two-storey property, the ground floor is staggered on three levels.'


An unsteady walk or movement.
  1. 'Since I've moved house, my local is now the Drayton Court, just a short stagger from BNI Towers.'
  2. 'It enjoys a quiet position near the centre of this pleasant village, just off the A19 Selby Road, little more than a hop, skip and a stagger away from the popular Greyhound pub.'
  3. 'He walked with a stoop and a rolling gait, the once upright take-on-the-world stance of the magnificent athlete now reduced to a shambling stagger.'
  4. 'Then, as if in a dream, I lifted the broom off the sidewalk and saw the beetle stagger, right itself, and run off.'
  5. 'Most of the mercenaries were dispersing, slowly walking, although for some it was more of a stagger, down the streets bragging to one another.'
  6. 'She took off again, this time at more of a stagger than a run.'
  7. 'It had felt like hours before the boy could hear the gears whining to a stop, and then the floor gave another stagger and went still.'
  8. 'Many would probably prefer to be only a short walk from the office in the morning and a drunken stagger back from the bars at night.'
  9. 'This really gives you one heck of an image and you can really strut around town with a stagger in your step.'
  10. 'Our foursome took a corner of the huge table of guests at a Korean restaurant on the Holloway Road, just a stagger from Highbury and Islington Station.'
An arrangement of things in a zigzag formation or so that they are not in line.
  1. 'A consequence of this stagger on the x-ray diffraction pattern would be a marked enhancement of the 1.1 and 2.2 reflections.'
  2. 'by the back straight, he had overtaken the stagger'
  3. 'I kept expecting someone to make up the stagger on me, and pull alongside, but it never happened.'

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1. tending to stagger or overwhelm: a staggering amount of money required in the initial investment.

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"scales can be staggering in comparisons."

"people can be staggering out theres."

"people can be staggering by pools."

"museums can be staggering under weights."

"growths can be staggering in years."

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Late Middle English (as a verb): alteration of dialect stacker, from Old Norse stakra, frequentative of staka ‘push, stagger’. The noun dates from the late 16th century.