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Make or become unlikely to give way or overturn.
  1. 'Socially and politically, poor relief was a means of stabilizing the existing social order and preventing unrest.'
  2. 'Iris patterns stabilize around the first year of age and don't change again.'
  3. 'Eventually, the tone stabilizes, and, by the second half, the power of the story will envelop all but the most distracted viewers.'
  4. 'She and James struggled to their feet and gripped the rail in order to stabilize themselves.'
  5. 'Oil prices appeared to have stabilised and were likely to have a lasting effect on inflation in the future.'
  6. 'If I can't convince Decker to take the medication, then I will have to consider getting a court order to have him committed until he stabilizes.'
  7. 'The good news for first-time buyers is that fixed mortgage rates are falling and property prices appear to be stabilising.'
  8. 'Some infants may need to be admitted to the hospital for medical care in order to stabilize acute condition.'
  9. 'Analysts say there are six signs that the worst is over and that house prices are set to stabilise.'
  10. 'In summary, the programme of reforms aimed to stabilize the economy has progressed much slower than anticipated.'
  11. with object 'an emergency program designed to stabilize the economy'
  12. 'The first obvious effort is to try to stabilize the situation in terms of the security situation on the street.'
  13. 'Levels of drug use among under-18s are believed to have stabilised in the past five years following significant increases during the 1990s.'
  14. 'To accurately assess and stabilize a life-threatening, intra-abdominal injury without requiring transport to a secure area would be a boon.'
  15. 'Bush hopes a fresh resolution can persuade other countries to contribute troops to support stabilising efforts.'
  16. 'Rescue workers were still searching for victims while the Fire Department sought to stabilize buildings damaged by the broken crane.'
  17. 'Elsewhere in the accompanying studies the Treasury suggests that higher property taxes would be required to stabilise the volatile housing market.'
  18. 'In the present study, we have addressed the question whether or not the structures of F-actin are the same under all these F-actin stabilizing conditions.'
  19. 'The Europeans and others are not going to start coming into help us until we get the situation stabilized.'
  20. 'In this case, pressure stabilizes the protein.'
  21. 'Doctors will now monitor Lakshmi for the next two to three days while she stabilizes in intensive care.'

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1. to make or hold stable, firm, or steadfast.

2. to maintain at a given or unfluctuating level or quantity: The government will try to stabilize the cost of living.

3. Aeronautics. to put or keep (an aircraft) in stable equilibrium, as by some special device. verb (used without object), stabilized, stabilizing.

4. to become stabilized.

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"rates can be stabilized."

"returns can be stabilized."

"prices can be stabilized."

"interests can be stabilized."

"contributions can be stabilized."

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