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A plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles.
  1. 'The 2 X 0.5 m board was divided into four equal sections, with each section divided into 25 squares of equal size.'
  2. 'His digital prints are slightly larger than a record cover, but just as square, and divided into a further four squares, each containing a different image.'
  3. 'Because the square and pentagon have equal areas, they are isoparametric.'
  4. 'He was wearing a woollen cap and a fleece jacket with white squares on either side of the zip.'
  5. 'Its flag has alternating red-and-white stripes with a dark blue square in the upper-right corner which contains a star.'
  6. 'Every circle was inscribed inside a square such that the sides of the circle just touched the sides of the square.'
  7. 'As the lessons carried on, Heather began drawing small squares on her paper.'
  8. 'Needlework is an integral part of this craft and motifs are in basic geometric combinations - squares, triangles and diamonds, says Naveen Shah.'
  9. 'The Suprematists took the art of painting and porcelain making to the ultimate extreme of complete abstraction, using the geometrical forms of the square, circle and cross.'
  10. 'In addition to the traditional graphics such as triangle, square and circle, designers adopted a lot of irregular patterns.'
  11. 'Triangles, squares and hexagons create their own proportions and systems.'
  12. 'By painting the backs of glass squares ordered from a window glass supplier, you can create distinctive coasters - for yourself or for gifts.'
  13. 'Carpet tiles come precut in twelve- or eighteen-inch squares.'
  14. 'The beer garden is a concrete square out back, bordered by two brick walls and a grey stone tenement.'
  15. 'Using a utility knife cut a small square out of the lid to serve as a picture frame.'
  16. 'Adding sticky-back mirror squares at the back of a shelving system of this sort magnifies the space.'
  17. 'Flooring consists of basic white ceramic squares interspersed with alternating colors of 1-inch glass mosaics.'
  18. 'The walls were lined in mirrored squares and there were even small spotlights reflecting off everything.'
  19. 'She turned it over a couple times in her hands before she finally opened it and out fell a piece of paper, folded into the smallest square it could be.'
  20. 'Over breakfast he got a Weetabix carton and cut out two squares and glued them together.'
  21. 'Look down at the floor and you will see it is made up of black and white tile squares some of which spell out obituaries for Ginsberg, William Burroughs and other significant cultural icons.'
  22. 'a small square of chocolate'
  23. 'I ration myself to two squares of chocolate a day.'
  24. 'Pressed tofu, doufu-kan, is also sold in squares, rather smaller, and has a meatier, more chewy texture.'
  25. 'I also had the Lamingtons for dessert, sponge cake squares dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut and served with cream.'
  26. 'He loves them so much that when a treat, or a bribe, is called for, you could give him a choice between a pod of just picked peas, and a square of chocolate.'
  27. 'He peeled his orange and ate some squares of chocolate.'
  28. 'When cool, ice with chocolate icing and cut into squares.'
  29. 'Enjoy a single square of dark bittersweet chocolate with a glass of rich, earthy Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.'
  30. 'Turn the fudge onto the cutting board and cut into squares.'
  31. 'The new shape makes it great for bar cookies, brownies, and cakes, tarts, or quiches that you want to cut into squares to serve a crowd.'
  32. 'Joe squealed, finally finding what he was looking for, shoving a square of milk chocolate into his mouth.'
  33. 'Elaborating on the Braille chessboard, he said, the black squares on the board were slightly more raised than the white ones.'
  34. 'Armed with enormous talent and intelligence, Kasparov reigned supreme over the board of 64 squares like none of his great predecessors.'
  35. 'A beautiful carved board with 13x13 squares was found at Gokstad in Norway.'
  36. 'A bishop can only move diagonally, and thus, can only get into a space that is the same color as the square it started on.'
  37. 'Based on the traditional 64 - square checkerboard, the game appears simple.'
  38. 'The human can sometimes win simply by moving a piece back and forth between the same two squares, and the computer wastes all of its time re-examining each position.'
  39. 'Chess, however, is almost inconceivably more complex, and the pieces can be arranged on the 64 squares of the board in 10 distinct ways.'
  40. 'He picked up a rook and moved it forward three squares, capturing a knight, and exposing the king.'
  41. 'For the next three moves nothing existed for me but the sixty four black and white squares in front of me, on which twenty chess pieces fought an intricate dance of death.'
  42. 'Players can double and triple letter and word points by strategically using Birdie and Eagle squares on the board.'
  43. 'Then for about 90 minutes the French made a series of fruitless attacks with unsupported cavalry on unbroken allied infantry squares.'
  44. 'She pulled on a pair of string-backed driving gloves and wound a silk square over her springy hair.'
An open, typically four-sided, area surrounded by buildings in a village, town, or city.
  1. in place names 'Leicester Square'
  2. 'There will be free performances in the square every day next week, around lunch and tea-time.'
  3. 'There is a statue of Nelson in the main square in Bridgetown that pre-dates the one in Trafalgar Square.'
  4. 'Demonstrators were kept tightly packed into the square for more than four hours in the rain without access to any facilities.'
  5. 'Tonight the pontiff will return to St Peter's Square to celebrate midnight mass.'
  6. 'Tucked away at the top of the square this small hotel exudes tranquillity.'
  7. 'The most famous restaurant in town is Wierzynek, on a corner of Rynek Glowny, Krakow's main square, the largest in medieval Europe and the pulsing heart of the city.'
  8. 'We soon came to a large village square with a beautiful fountain in the center.'
  9. 'In Kiev there is a big statue in the square erected in his honor.'
  10. 'As we arrived at the square the normal jumble of carts, wagons, stalls, and milling people that we saw every day greeted us.'
  11. 'After sticking our heads into various hostels to inquire about prices, we picked one a few blocks from the square which was very clean, as hostels go.'
  12. 'Luckily these days, the closest you'll come to violence is being dive-bombed by one of the thousands of swifts that weave through the narrow cobbled streets and squares.'
  13. 'Mr Cox said a simple thing like decorating the galvanised steel street lamps in the square could be considered.'
  14. 'Its narrow streets and squares resonate with the songs of the gondolieri and chatter coming from open-air cafes.'
  15. 'It's really just a good excuse to wander the winding streets and shady squares of the glorious Old Town and the Mazarin Quarter doing a spot of window-shopping.'
  16. 'To some people, it means architecture - a lovely sequence of Georgian-style squares and streets extending from the Royal Crescent to the Holborne Museum and beyond.'
  17. 'Everyone who has ever been to the city's squares or parks will remember the lovely and docile pigeons.'
  18. 'Edwards complained again about the overuse of the square that is used for practice by the resident Pickwick Club during the domestic season.'
  19. 'We played a one-day game at Edgbaston less than three weeks ago and the entire square was bone dry.'
  20. 'You could see how good he was then, but he couldn't get the ball off the square.'
  21. 'The Duke inspected a passing-in parade of 800 junior soldiers on the college drill square and congratulated them on completing their first six weeks of training.'
  22. 'I recall ‘unflattering remarks’ aimed at me on the drill square.'
  23. 'Los Angeles has the largest skid row in the nation, stretching across 50 square blocks.'
  24. 'It's all too easy to delude yourself that the few square blocks in which you live or work are the sum of New York.'
The product of a number multiplied by itself.
  1. 'The scalogram is a plot of the sum of the squares of the coefficients at each scale.'
  2. 'The quadruple of this is 84, which subtracted from the square of 10, namely 100, yields 16.'
  3. 'In 1770, French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange proved what previous mathematicians had suspected or assumed: Every positive integer is either a square itself or the sum of two, three, or four squares.'
  4. 'She received the Ford Prize from the Mathematical Association of America in 1971 for a paper on the sums of squares.'
  5. 'An individual's BMI is defined as their weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters.'
  6. 'He gives some interesting conditions for the decimal representation of a number n to be a square.'
  7. 'BMI measures weight in kilograms divided by the square of one's body height.'
  8. 'Assuming a constant wing shape and oscillating stroke, the average lift is proportional to the square of wingbeat frequency.'
  9. 'For electromagnetism, the coupling constant is proportional to the square of the electric charge.'
  10. 'Quetelet believed that there are forces which tend to prevent this population growth and that they increase with the square of the rate at which the population grows.'
  11. 'The square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the legs.'
An L-shaped or T-shaped instrument used for obtaining or testing right angles.
  1. 'Using a small square draw a line from this mark across the pointed end of the plywood.'
  2. 'Be sure, therefore, that each line is running exactly along each arm of the square.'
  3. 'Use a drywall square to connect the points and make your cut accordingly.'
  4. 'Venus in square to Jupiter'
  5. 'The square of Mars to Saturn induce him to be obstinate and a little willful, a tincture of malice remaining in him.'
  6. 'Yet he actually had Neptune in square to Jupiter!'
A person considered to be old-fashioned or boringly conventional in attitude or behaviour.
  1. 'She called me so many things … she said I was old-fashioned, stubborn and a square for not allowing her to go.'
  2. 'Come on Maggie: don't be such a square.'
A square meal.
  1. 'As we said earlier and as history has demonstrated, there's nothing wrong with three squares a day.'
  2. 'Sometimes, you're just too tired - or too busy - to fit in three squares a day.'
  3. 'You may not need or want to plan a schedule around ‘three squares a day.’'
  4. 'Again, all we asked for was leadership and three squares a day.'

More definitions

1. a rectangle having all four sides of equal length.

2. anything having this form or a form approximating it, as a city block, rectangular piece of candy, etc.

3. an open area or plaza in a city or town, formed by the meeting or intersecting of two or more streets and often planted with grass, trees, etc., in the center.

4. a rectangularly shaped area on a game board, as in chess or checkers.

5. a try square, T square, or the like.

6. Mathematics. the second power of a quantity, expr

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"banks can be square in reserves."

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"investors can be square at ends."

"dealers can be square for nows."

"widths can be square with ends."

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