Adjective "Splendid" Definition and Examples




    1. gorgeous; magnificent; sumptuous.Synonyms: luxurious, dazzling, imposing.Antonyms: squalid.

    2. grand; superb, as beauty.Synonyms: majestic, elegant, first-rate.

    3. distinguished or glorious, as a name, reputation, victory, etc.Synonyms: renowned, famed, famous, illustrious, eminent, conspicuous, celebrated, remarkable, brilliant; noble.Antonyms: ordinary, unremarkable, mediocre; ignoble.

    4. strikingly admirable or fine: splendid talents.Antonyms: modest, poor.


    "types can be splendid for places."

    "people can be splendid on occasions."

    "people can be splendid in jackets."

    "people can be splendid in environments."

    "oils can be splendid for strugglings."

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