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An instance of overflowing or spreading into another area.
  1. 'All three are concerned about the potential spillover of unrest from Central Asia across their borders.'
  2. 'New to this list is Phoenix, which more than doubled its Hispanic population over the 1990s - thanks to direct immigration and a spillover from California.'
  3. 'Given the likely significance of knowledge spillovers across industries it is important to use an economy wide measure of the patent rate.'
  4. 'The Americanisation of the world often seems to result from a reaction to external events or a spillover of domestic forces rather than a projection of power and political will.'
  5. 'The impetus for this came from a decade-long boom in capital investment, technological progress, and spillovers from improved business processes.'
  6. 'French doors open from the dining room, which is convenient for handling the spillover from holiday gatherings.'
  7. 'This acceleration provides evidence consistent with the spillovers from information technologies into non-IT industries.'
  8. 'The actual scale of the economy used in estimation is of little consequence as long as knowledge spillovers within the economy are reasonably complete.'
  9. 'What we object to is the spillover into the ordinary criminal-justice system.'
  10. 'It is not clear why this should be an end in itself, unless we believe there are spillovers from capital accumulation.'
  11. 'the village was a spillover from a neighbouring, larger village'
  12. 'Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a spillover of 12 there.'
  13. 'In the next two months, the 14 patients at the unit will be turfed out to make room for the spillover from the overcrowded St Joseph's general hospital in the South Tipperary town.'
  14. 'the spillover effect of the quarrel'
  15. 'The spillover economic benefits of reunification also have a political payoff, integrating the countries of the region in a set of cooperative commercial relationships.'
  16. 'This may create political pressures for increased government involvement in the application of genomic knowledge that could have spillovers to other sectors of the economy.'
  17. 'This spillover effect can lead to the creation of standards within an industry.'
  18. 'Finally, research and development in rich countries appears to benefit poor countries through spillover effects.'
  19. 'The text emphasizes that agricultural management strategies and techniques influence other ecosystems, and that this interaction has spillover effects on the entire landscape, in fact, the planet.'
  20. 'And, ominously, it includes use of chemical weapons without regard for their spillover effect on the enemy's own troops and civilians.'
  21. 'Second, if the top story is very influential, it may increase the total visits to the site and there may be a spillover effect.'
  22. 'The Japanese economy is in a prolonged slump, owing mostly to fragility in its financial sector and to spillover effects of the Asian financial crisis.'
  23. 'Indeed, most productivity improvements had similar multiple spillover effects.'
  24. 'The discoveries made will also have important spillover benefits in diagnosing and treating other diseases.'

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1. the act of spilling over.

2. a quantity of something spilled over; overflow.

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"people can be spillovers."