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Shaped like a sphere.
  1. 'At 85 km, the self-stabilizing spherical capsule separates.'
  2. 'The pills are perfectly spherical, opaque, and shiny, like tiny pearls.'
  3. 'I get dressed in my armor, and then I touch the spherical shaped switch that will bring the lift up to my room.'
  4. 'At the stove, someone is lifting pancakes from the skillet, placing them in the warmer, and pouring in fresh batter which distributes itself into spherical shapes.'
  5. 'I had that experience in the early 80s, when I spent five days racing around a maze eating spherical doughnuts, and waiting for my ghostly pursuers to turn blue.'
  6. 'What adds a certain urgency to his message is that he himself has suffered a heart attack, even though he does not conform to the generously fat-reinforced spherical figures that he has been talking about.'
  7. 'She could see the round, spherical canvasses stretched across the metal, almost grotesquely.'
  8. 'Through the gentle curves of its spherical design, the stadium merges with its surroundings.'
  9. 'A tiny somewhat spherical shaped object appeared off in the distance, moving quickly and effortlessly to the side of the craft.'
  10. 'He proved that the earth was spherical and speculated about sailing around the world 17 centuries before Columbus.'
  11. 'Typically, a neutron star will have the mass of one and a half suns compressed into a spherical volume just 10-15 km in diameter.'
  12. 'They had the typical appearance of spherical or elliptical aggregates of altered erythrocytes surrounded by an envelope.'
  13. 'The design of contact lenses can be divided into spherical, toric and multifocal.'
  14. '‘Now that's what they normally look like,’ she explains, pointing to clusters of cells - spherical structures, hollow on the inside.'
  15. 'Axonometric distortion creates the illusion that these rows occur upon spherical surfaces: they appear to overlay a field of bulging convexities and receding concavities.'
  16. 'This exotic matter forms a thin spherical shell and has negative mass and positive surface pressure.'


1. having the form of a sphere; globular.

2. formed in or on a sphere, as a figure.

3. of or relating to a sphere or spheres.

4. pertaining to the heavenly bodies, or to their supposed revolving spheres or shells.

5. pertaining to the heavenly bodies regarded astrologically as exerting influence on humankind and events.

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"eggs can be spherical with coats."

"surfaces can be spherical."

"symmetries can be spherical."

"eggs can be spherical."

"coordinates can be spherical."

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Late 15th century: via late Latin from Greek sphairikos, from sphaira (see sphere).