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Identify clearly and definitely.
  1. 'Information cannot be identified or measured unless a certain mechanism is specified.'
  2. 'No date has been specified.'
  3. 'The Claimant is not able to specify the identity of the items ordered for each of the sales listed.'
  4. 'No accounts specify dates for the relocation.'
  5. 'Must the Court specify a new date for the resumed hearing?'
  6. 'Can I speak in support of the original date specified by your Honour as 9 February.'
  7. 'If a later date is specified then it is the continuation tenancy which is to come to an end on that date.'
  8. 'The identity of a marketing firm must be specified to consumers.'
  9. 'Accommodations must be used on dates specified by Sponsors.'
  10. 'Two additional questions asked students to identify other factors they found to be motivational and specify classroom experiences that did not motivate them.'
  11. 'the agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees'
  12. 'Requirements specify that the piece is to be written for percussion duo.'
  13. 'I endeavour to specify that which has changed and, by extension, that which has not.'
  14. 'I forgot to specify that in my description.'
  15. 'They can specify that at the interview stage.'
  16. 'Many staff jobs for sub-editors specify that they don't want writers.'
  17. 'For child safety, building codes specify that balusters must be spaced less than 4 inches apart.'
  18. 'Many election regulations specify that a recount must be performed in the same manner as the original election.'
  19. 'Some programs give you the option to specify that ‘All’ or ‘Some’ users have access to a program.'
  20. 'You can give to a community foundation in your town or area and specify that your cash go only to charities or events that help support a specific cause.'
  21. 'Regulations may specify that certain details must be given every time a person is offering an extended warranty to a consumer.'
  22. 'Duties included specifying the materials to be used in the construction and fitting out of the factory.'
  23. 'The middle level is where the engineers specify models that map onto electrical and electronic components.'
  24. 'Architects are eager to specify the material and experts recognize it as a mark of quality.'
  25. 'The material is specified by architects because of its clarity, sturdiness, and resistance to sound and heat transmission.'
  26. 'Architects may be inviting trouble when they indiscriminately specify clear waterproofing on all newly built, newly cleaned walls.'
  27. 'One easy way architects can reduce embodied energy is to specify local materials.'

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1. to mention or name specifically or definitely; state in detail: He did not specify the amount needed.

2. to give a specific character to.

3. to set forth as a specification.

4. to name or state as a condition: He specified that he be given my power of attorney. verb (used without object), specified, specifying.

5. to make a specific mention or statement.

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"modules can be specifying."

"containments can be specifying."

"systems can be specifying."

"schemes can be specifying."

"nominees can be specifying."

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(specify)Middle English: from Old French specifier or late Latin specificare (see specific).