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A bright clear blue.
  1. as modifier 'a sky-blue suit'
  2. 'She had on a gauzey type dress, V neck, in the most sky blue of blues he had ever seen.'
  3. 'Her intense blue eyes sparkled, matching her sky blue sleeveless shirt and jeans.'
  4. 'She wore a gold band on her head like the other two, only hers was sky blue and she wore a long, sky blue dress with blue straps.'
  5. 'She wore a blue dress that melted from deep blue to sky blue all the while hugging every curve on her body.'
  6. 'Brilliant sky-blue eyes shone out from his tanned face.'
  7. 'My eyes were a cold, icy blue, not at all like the warm sky blue they used to be.'
  8. 'I wear a bandana on my head that is army print in dark blue, black and sky blue.'
  9. 'Beyond the darkness, Doune saw a clear and sunny sky blue itching to break through.'
  10. 'One wore a pair of sky blue trainers with white laces and one wore a grey coloured fleecy sports hooded top.'
  11. 'He has short brown hair, he's tanned and he has sky blue eyes, and everyone loves him.'

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1. the color of the unclouded sky in daytime; azure.

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"eyes can be sky-blue."

"shirts can be sky-blue."

"seas can be sky-blue."

"ups can be sky-blue."

"uniforms can be sky-blue."

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