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(of a person or part of their body) unattractively thin.
  1. 'She was short and skinny with long blonde hair and big blue eyes.'
  2. 'He could do many, many things, although he was small and skinny for his age.'
  3. 'He's a really skinny guy, but man, can he eat.'
  4. 'Everyone tells me I'm too skinny, but I say I'm not.'
  5. 'Among them was a very skinny, red-haired girl.'
  6. 'When they were forced by the scientists to gain weight, the skinny people still kept up their fidgety ways.'
  7. 'He was fairly skinny with grey hair and a bald patch at the very top of his head.'
  8. 'Parson wondered if Ryder would get mad if he gave her some food, she looked awfully skinny.'
  9. '"I'm a vegan and I looked awfully skinny at one point, " she explains.'
  10. 'Here, have some bread, have some cheese, don't be so skinny.'
(of a garment) tight-fitting.
  1. 'According to Baker, too much sodium can make your skinny skirts trickier to zip up, especially in the week prior to menstruation.'
  2. 'His garments of choice are skinny white T-shirts with a stripe of red paint across, and cute indie-boy fringes.'
  3. 'Pale-skinned performance artists in skinny black shirts roamed the convention center.'
  4. 'Wear this bra under strapless tops and skinny tanks.'
  5. 'So, if you're doing a wide, long skirt, wear a skinny T-shirt or fitted cardigan on top.'
  6. 'in the winter I live in skinny jeans and boots'
  7. 'a pair of skinny cords'
  8. 'The really big shock is how little goes with skinny jeans.'
  9. 'Am I too old to wear: a) a pencil skirt, b) skinny jeans tucked into boots, c) smart cut-off trousers?'
  10. 'Q. I'm trying to find a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into a pair of cool boots I have.'
  11. 'Narrow fitted suits with skinny trousers and ties are back.'
  12. 'I have been trying in vain for the past few months to find a pair of skinny jeans that are not low-rise.'
  13. 'The silhouette continues to be long tops and skinny pants.'
  14. 'Where can I buy skinny black jeans like the ones Pete Doherty wears?'
  15. 'I've found it the most flattering and comfortable way to wear skinny jeans.'
  16. 'The Beatles made skinny pants and collarless jackets the rage!'
(of coffee) made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.
  1. 'A GM double-decaff skinny latte will not be available for several years.'
  2. 'Our more cosseted generation is more likely to spend its Saturday afternoons sipping skinny lattes in city centre coffee bars.'
  3. 'I wouldn't go in there, though, to the truck stop and ask for a skinny decaf soy latte.'
  4. 'Or just grab a skinny cappuccino or latte for a low-calorie warm drink.'
  5. 'Ultimately, Jessica's relationship dilemma feels about as agonising as choosing between a skinny decaf latte and a grande mochaccino.'
  6. 'Despite MTV, skinny lattes and text-messaging, third millennium Tarry Flynns do emerge.'
  7. 'The daughter of an Aberdeen oilman, you could imagine her drinking skinny lattes over a copy of Vogue.'
  8. 'Ten years ago we didn't just hang out in coffee bars, paying more for a skinny cappuccino than we did for real drinks.'


A skinny person.
  1. 'Part of the pull is in working out quite how the skinnies retain their fatless figures.'
  2. 'Only once did I hear a soldier make a disparaging remark (young and stupid, he referred to the undernourished locals as "the skinnies").'
  3. 'I am all for bringing models back, so long as magazines go to the effort to feature images of healthy 'normal' types alongside the skinnies.'
  4. 'The magazine rolls out the proverbial red-carpet to welcome the young Brit into its club of fashionable skinnies with an exclusive cover picture.'
  5. 'You "skinnies" may not understand the full scope of what's happened here.'
  6. ''The Skinnies' are celebs whose primary goal in life is to maintain a weight under 50 kgs.'
A pair of skinny jeans or trousers.
  1. 'I'm very tempted to rifle through my wardrobe and break out my denim jacket to wear with my black skinnies and black tee.'
  2. 'I got two pairs of jeans - boot leg and skinnies - overalls, a blue skirt, a yellow top with a skull beaded on it and sunglasses for $350 which really (in my opinion) is amazing!'
  3. 'Hmm, she says to self, new black skinnies and a couple of minor wardrobe additions and I could totally pull this off.'
  4. 'The weather today is absolutely glorious and I thought I'd take the opportunity to debut my new Topshop skinnies and sunglasses.'
  5. 'If you do want to look slimmer, wear skinnies!'
Confidential information on a particular person or topic.
  1. 'You've already mega-clued your guy into how much you dig him by sharing the skinny with everyone you both know.'
  2. 'He's got the skinny on about $10 million stashed away in an Amsterdam vault.'
  3. 'One of the best ways to get the skinny on a company is to network with colleagues and decision makers.'
  4. 'A crooked city councilman gives Tony the skinny on waterfront developments that are about to transpire in Newark.'
  5. 'And ‘In Style’ got the skinny on what it takes to get Hollywood's finest red carpet ready.'
  6. 'Entertainment correspondent Sibila Vargas has the skinny.'
  7. 'If you're interested in finding out what's going on, as well as read some first hand accounts by bloggers, then Glenn has the skinny.'
  8. 'Or maybe you'd like the skinny on the game of the week in the SEC.'
  9. 'To fortify your defenses, the News talked to a few local experts to get the skinny on how to have a healthy - and slimmer - 2004.'
  10. 'For those of you with regular jobs, here's the skinny.'


1. very lean or thin; emaciated: a skinny little kitten.

2. of or like skin.

3. unusually low or reduced; meager; minimal: skinny profits.

4. (of an object) narrow or slender: a skinny bed. noun

5. Slang. accurate information; data; facts. news, especially if confidential; gossip: Here's the skinny on the latest Hollywood scandal.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be skinny for ages."

"somes can be skinny with rusts."

"places can be skinny as laces."

"people can be skinny over things."

"people can be skinny as rakes."

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