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Shaking or trembling.
  1. 'The nurse came in and introduced herself, and with a shaky hand I shook hers.'
  2. 'I took a shaky breath and with a trembling hand, I took out the paper once more, my eyes skimming over the quickly written words.'
  3. 'It's two in the afternoon, now, and I still feel shaky and weak.'
  4. 'He was trembling and his breathing was shallow and shaky.'
  5. 'The old man laughed as well, a strange, shaky laugh that went along with his accent.'
  6. 'Instead, from what I could make out over the music, her voice sounded shaky and weak.'
  7. 'He still felt weak and shaky, as if he had recovered from the flu.'
  8. 'He looked up surprised, shook his head and gave out a shaky laugh.'
  9. 'My legs felt weak, my body shaky, and I wasn't sure whether I was hot or cold.'
  10. 'I let out a shaky laugh and pulled away so that I could look up at him.'
  11. 'a cracked, dangerously shaky table'
  12. 'Although it looked a little unstable and shaky, it would last the night.'
  13. 'thoroughly shaky evidence'
  14. 'These unreliable claims are based on incomplete, shaky evidence.'
  15. 'So with a shaky resolution and with a will that was even more frail, I took the first step.'
  16. 'Secondly, I think that it's on very, very shaky ground without constitutional authorization.'
  17. 'In Orchestra Rehearsal, the quaking building manifests the orchestra's shaky social ground.'
  18. 'They then found more evidence of shaky business practices, and decided to file an official complaint against the company.'
  19. 'Two painkillers and some cold water later, she made her shaky way down the precarious steps into the living room.'
  20. 'Financially, Civil War History had continued on shaky financial grounds.'
  21. 'The evening got off to a shaky start as our table wasn't ready, and the restaurant was unfazed by this.'
  22. 'The intellectual biography of the curator has to be on shaky ground.'
  23. 'Those negotiations are, you know, on shaky ground now, but these are the only two parties.'


1. tending to shake or tremble.

2. trembling; tremulous.

3. liable to break down or give way; insecure; not to be depended upon: a shaky bridge.

4. wavering, as in allegiance: His loyalty, always shaky, was now nonexistent.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be shaky at beginnings."

"dollars can be shaky against marks."

"outlooks can be shaky for years."

"markets can be shaky through ends."

"markets can be shaky in terms."

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