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The branch of science concerned with earthquakes and related phenomena.
  1. 'He later attributed his discovery of reflection seismology to surviving the 1906 San Francisco earthquake as a child.'
  2. 'However, the era of earthquake seismology as a modern science began in the late 1800s with the installation of sensitive instruments called seismographs.'
  3. 'It wasn't until after she completed her formal education that Hutton chose earthquake science, or seismology, as a profession.'
  4. 'It's a fascinating field, seismology: part science, part history, part sociology, and, alas, part prophecy.'
  5. 'If so, then seismology has found a fertile habitat in earthquake-prone California.'
  6. 'In seismology, stochastic models can be used to describe velocity heterogeneities that are too small or too numerous to be described deterministically.'
  7. 'In particular, this is vital for projects on the frontiers of science and engineering, projects such as particle physics, astronomy, bioinformatics, global climate modeling, and seismology.'
  8. 'According to Packard and Hoskinson, the purity of the tone may lead to the development of rotation sensors that are sufficiently sensitive to be used for Earth science, seismology and inertial navigation.'
  9. 'Continued advances in supercomputing are also vital for a host of scientific advancements in biology, climate, economics, energy, material science, medicine, physics, and seismology.'
  10. 'She is the author of many research papers in the field of seismology, but she clearly has a special interest in sharing her expertise with a popular audience.'

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1. the science or study of earthquakes and their phenomena.

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