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(of a person) tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.
  1. 'Holman said Aaron's lifestyle in general was relatively sedentary.'
  2. 'These results are in startling contrast with studies conducted with sedentary people.'
  3. 'On your day off you don't need to be completely sedentary.'
  4. 'Unfortunately, I am the most sedentary person there is.'
  5. 'This does not always mean that they are sedentary.'
  6. 'The Governor said walking was essential for sedentary people to keep the system in trim.'
  7. 'Moderately active fat people have far lower mortality rates than do thin sedentary people, and the same death rates as thin active people.'
  8. 'Recent studies have also shown that children around the world are becoming increasingly sedentary, especially in poor urban areas.'
  9. 'If you're relatively sedentary, then you'll need less.'
  10. 'Along with larger portions of more fattening food, Americans have become increasingly sedentary over the last couple of decades.'
  11. 'a sedentary lifestyle spells bad news for hips and thighs'
  12. 'But if you've also learned unhealthy eating habits and sedentary ways from your family, you'll need to change your lifestyle.'
  13. 'We found no significant difference in physical activity or sedentary behaviour for the sample as a whole.'
  14. 'Having arrived at the waterside, the angler goes into sedentary mode, where he exerts very little energy, and becomes easily cooled.'
  15. 'A sedentary lifestyle without at least moderate physical activity is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.'
  16. 'Meanwhile, heavy work in industry and agriculture has mostly been replaced by sedentary activities in service industries.'
  17. 'My body had begun to stiffen up after many years of sedentary work as a therapist.'
  18. 'Twelve were allocated to aerobic and strength training, and six led more sedentary lifestyles.'
  19. 'In addition to increasing physical activity, decreasing sedentary activity is also important.'
  20. 'Other sedentary activities - playing video and computer games or talking on the phone - also should be limited.'
  21. 'But we burn off fewer of them because of our more sedentary lifestyles.'
  22. 'The UK won 30 medals 19, of which were won from a sedentary position.'
  23. 'This time, Taras, only for a crisp moment, acted tentative in taking the sedentary position.'
  24. 'Normally, when one stood up from a sedentary position, one's mind would be unequal in circulatory oxygen than the rest of the body.'
  25. 'Falconids can be sedentary or migratory.'
  26. 'The fish that were sedentary during the summer inhabited the deepest holes of the river.'
  27. 'The contrast with sedentary tribes could not, at first sight, be more marked.'
  28. 'Shake the crab harder, and you may dislodge tiny sea stars feeding on oysters and mussels, or sea urchins scavenging for seaweed and sedentary invertebrates.'
  29. 'Finally, this normally sedentary animal inflated a muscular cone at its base to lever itself free from its moorings and danced away in the water column.'


1. characterized by or requiring a sitting posture: a sedentary occupation.

2. accustomed to sit or rest a great deal or to take little exercise.

3. Chiefly Zoology. abiding in one place; not migratory. pertaining to animals that move about little or are permanently attached to something, as a barnacle.

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"people can be sedentary for times."

"people can be sedentary."

"lives can be sedentary."

"lifestyles can be sedentary."

"lifestyleses can be sedentary."

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Late 16th century (in the sense ‘not migratory’): from French sédentaire or Latin sedentarius, from sedere ‘sit’.