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A school playground.
  1. as modifier 'the schoolyard bully'
  2. 'Tromping over to the side of the schoolyards, the kid leaned against a tree and folded his arms, scanning the terrain for prey.'
  3. 'No, it's a small child being bullied in the schoolyard, crying that he's had enough.'
  4. 'The fish itself was a big bruiser of a portion that looked like it bullied everyone in the schoolyard.'
  5. 'Their beloved son was beaten at school each day for refusing to fight the schoolyard bigots and bullies.'
  6. 'But I don't respond well to threats, and I was not going to let this schoolyard bully intimidate me.'
  7. 'The natural, unsophisticated beauty of wildflowers in full bloom in spring and fascinating autumnal-tinted leaves in the schoolyards reminded us of the warm love of our mothers.'
  8. 'Despite hours frittered away watching the tube, playing video games and surfing the Internet, the majority of kids are still finding time to head out to the local park or schoolyard.'
  9. 'We would punish him, with really typical schoolyard bullying.'
  10. 'I remember I was shooting baskets in the old elementary schoolyard.'
  11. 'However, on the whole, it doesn't sound all that different from regular, everyday schoolyard bullying, and I doubt that's ever going to stop.'

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1. a playground or sports field near a school.

More examples(as adjective)

"killers can be schoolyard."

"attacks can be schoolyard."

"stabbings can be schoolyard."