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A sceptical attitude; doubt as to the truth of something.
  1. 'The problem is, however, that such radical scepticism involves a performative contradiction.'
  2. 'There is some skepticism, however, surrounding the prime minister's new-found "moral" leadership.'
  3. 'He finds the source of skepticism in the theory of abstract ideas, which he criticizes.'
  4. 'German public scepticism about monetary union placed the German government in a strong position to negotiate the detail of monetary union.'
  5. 'The skepticism extends to some of the 250,000 members of his own party.'
  6. 'Recent events have given a new edge to that scepticism.'
  7. 'There is also reason to think such skepticism may be misplaced.'
  8. 'Such scepticism seems especially relevant where suicidal terrorists are concerned.'
  9. 'Some might see an undercurrent of religious belief in the book; others might see an undercurrent of skepticism or betrayed hope.'
  10. 'Skepticism concerning Sadler's ability should be put to rest.'
The theory that certain knowledge is impossible.
  1. 'Nor has sensory skepticism hindered dogmatists from seeking absolute truth elsewhere, namely in Reason or Logic.'

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1. skepticism.

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"successes can be scepticism."

"hostilities can be scepticism."

"prevailings can be scepticism."

"pressures can be scepticism."

"notes can be scepticism."

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